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What then, is this niche?

Somewhere I’ve heard an expression that, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” So, where there is space to be had, nature will more than likely act to fill that space and take that opportunity while it exists, . Therein lies the dichotomy. To build this niche it needs to exist as a niche. And a niche isn’t a niche if nothing comes along to reside because it is not desired as a niche. My best bet again will be to take what I know and apply what I’ve been given. Nearly all of what I may desire to incorporate into this game will then come from what I can relate to here and now. My big picture consists of land, air and water. Everything that I’ve come to know and love is pretty much bound to a combination of these three places, call it a world that holds the environment. I’ll need to go out on a limb here and press a surmiseation, “Life desires a niche.”

The nature of nature.

Well, it looks as if this game is going to incorporate life, and its aspects in an environment that contains land, water and air. From the outside looking in, in this world, gravity rules supreme. If I jump up I am pulled back down. If I throw a penny into the fountain my hand and arm get wet when I try to get my penny back. Birds can glide and propel themselves through the air for hours at a time but eventually they will land. And that is the key word, Land. On dry ground my homeostatic relationship with the land is that I don’t fall through it, and the land is lenient enough in that I am not crushingly pulled into it. The same is true in the water, save for the fact my lungs are far from attuned to functioning correctly where the bottom of the water meets the top of the land. I fall through the water but not the land at the bottom. I guess the same can be said about the air. I fall through the air but not the land at the bottom. And just to get fancy, I can fall through the air above the water, then through the water but not the land at the bottom. Simple, it all makes sense now.

Just to clear things up a little, what I need so as to provide a niche, is a Landscape, Waterscape and an Airscape. This sounds familiar. It sounds like this is the lead in to behaviors. But, forgoing all else, nothing will have consistent behavior without the ‘scapes’, I didn’t mention Spacescape. [ ( note to self ) – Stop running off the edge of the world!! ]

How can the “education catalog” help me define this niche.

Now that I’m done with my hands and arms flailing about, along with my willy-nilly brain dance, I can get back on topic and a little more technical. I’ve gone over the sections in the “education catalog” many times and have begun to notice possibilities because of the bread crumb trails that have been left throughout the code. Many of the variable names are preserved from solution to solution. The sample game projects are opened and after a somewhat thorough gleaning, I’ve noticed how coherency is promoted as the various solutions explain their title and description. Nearly all of the solutions are succinct. They say this is the concept. Open the project, run it, see how it works, step through the code, watch how objects are loaded, initialized, and utilized, how the variables values change, how loops perform, and on and on and on. The real beauty of it is that it’s given up for interpretation to be understood and incorporated into my namespace and therefore into my game. Cool, very cool. Ah, but alas and alack I have not weather in my game – em hem ( note to self, again ).

It looks like land is the order of the day.

Seeing that this will be a 3D game, with a smattering of 2D Heads-Up-Display interfaces, I need to recreate an expression that when seen will present itself as a recognizable environment. What then is provided because of this terrain? This terrain can then become the homeostatic range and domain of observable game play and as what is experienced as the niches cause. The land slopes upward and downward at differing degrees and angles from a seemingly endless array of points of view and perspectives. In always looking for a starting point, I notice that the antithesis of up is experienced as gravities insatiable desire to draw me through its terrain because of its great mass. No matter what the degree of any angle, my up orientation is always effected by a force which comes through what I understand as gravity. Therefore, the effect of a terrain can be observed as two simple elements, a mostly non-semipermeable membrane, and a force which will draw an object towards that membranes surface as a tangent of that membrane as a whole. That being said, the capacity to place and orient what will reside in this games niches, and then their limits which encompass them as they rise and fall from existance in the game, because of the terrains two underlying elements, will form the grid and glue as the base line force of attraction and settlement.

Into the dark throws where roiling conceptual matter meets the compiler.

For me, I need to integrate a couple of the “education catalog” samples to derive a suitable environment for my games liveliness to occur. The GeneratedGeometrySample, HeightmapCollisionSample, TankOnAHightMapSample, all from the Collision Series, SpaceWar and the ChaseCamera sample originate from APP HUB. There is another called FuelCell_Example_Game which is buried somewhere in the MSDN library. Bringing these samples together has given provisional insight as helpful How To’s. With a lot of inference, sledge hammer and tweezers manipulation, I have exuded a congealed representation of an environment.

Remiss in synapse.

I have come to the point in this creative endeavor where it becomes a necessity to build a web site; i.e. In addition I’ve appended a WordPress – Blog and a UTube – Vlog. I have spent some effort expanding this blog, so now I must revisit my C# code. In building my code creation as a milestone project solution, the progress of processes up to this point will become the first of a series of save points and static backups. Excerpts from these milestones debug runs also need to be captured as an observable score of frames from my games point in time for the vlog. To express what graphic processes are becoming game worthy thus far seems to be the next logical step for this chronicle.

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