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[page 0008] ~IO Storage SaveAs and Load XML Data Streams:

The Vlog has its second entry, FarNiche_0001_HUDOn.

The HUDOn namespace is now unsupported but not nonsupported, it is a milestone. BasicGameSize does exist and already has code pages from its predecessors incorporated into the new namespace. But looking at the Error list, it seems that that left off where the idea was to be continued but, the prep work seemed malevolently daunting.

I’ve rearranged my MyI website to open space for the Research page. It seems that there are some schemes and protocols that might make this task somewhat easier but therein assumedly less efficient, from the stand point of one in whoms’ mind it is now refreshingly relevant. But to move on, the Research page needs work, it has an intro, a direction. Now Research needs research.

What it is and How it does it.

BasicGameSize has its criteria to which its end is understood. The two predecessor games logic is to be decoupled from their namespaces and reoriented within the new game namespace,i.e. BasicGameSize, which will yield this games basic .ccgame file size. The placement of the objects variables need to be reorganized. Their implementation and visibility is currently mostly global. Like I said, one monolithic page of code, all variables global and the GoTo statements are the nails that every good carpenter needs to build a computer program. “note to self, . . . NOT!” Not any more, for the most part.

Encapsulating the concepts of my previous programs processes is what the Research part of the site is to become, so that is probably what brought BasicGameSize to a shrieking halt and sent the direction over to SpaceWar_II. But even there, there are global variables. The idea of encapsulation can be seen as a GameScreen object in GameStateManagementSample when put in play, (some sort of encapsulation?), and in SpaceWar_II the Ship is built as a SpacewarSceneItem, (another sort of encapsulation?). This then opens up the topic of . . .

The Three Pillars of Object-Oriented Programming.

Hmmm . . . still reading. So the next subject is.

I’ll be looking into StorageDemo_4.0.

It’s downloaded, extracted and now, to Build it first, then deploy it from its StartUp project folder to the Xbox 360. Or, look at the error list when the copy of Xbox 360 Project is added to the Solution and do some foot work. References to MS.Xna. Framework, Game, GamerServices, Graphics and Storage have little yellow triangle exclamations in the Solution Explorer. Those need to reference the appropriate version, yes, research. [Serializable] is now my error in the Xbox360 Solution Project only. Removing that project allows the Build of the Windows project. Going to the …’My Documents\SavedGames\StorageDemo’… folder, running the game and pressing game pad “A” changes the Win PC time stamp of the savegame.sav file.

We got a heart beat.

Yes there is, and getting there was definitely research. : XML I/O : StorageDemo deploys, loads and runs on the Xbox 360, it can bring up a Keyboard UI, accept input to the UI and returns that value back into the games data structure. It can also save that data structure as an XML readable, (although I haven’t figured out any process, let alone simple, that I would need to continuously go through to view the changed file on the Xbox 360 disk or storage devise), file and can reload it as a restore point while the game is still running, or from a save point when restarting the game. To get this into the new namespace LoadSaveData, a precursor to BasicGameSize, it needs to bring along some classes as reconstituted game parts that have proven useful in the past.

‘Till then, G’day.

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