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Gibberish and trust abounding, Aquarius?  A – quar – i – us . . .

The FarNiche Research page should be getting its first real entry soon. It will, it has. It is XML I/O.  And, for the most part, it almost makes sense.  It has to do with the most basic processes confronted when, the need to load and save game files is initially or finally encountered.  The HOME page also has had more added to it, much more.  So far it consists of [the game.], [the cast.], [the character.] and [the environment.].

[the game.] is a short and grand overview of the games scenario with a picture from the first FarNiche Universe Map written in VB_6.0 sp6.  Therein, the dialog explores the story, giving a vague sense of foreboding and the idea of a sinister fate that awaits all of the players in the game.

[the cast.] explains a dilemma, befitting of all characters in the game, depicted in a series of title thoughts connected to an accompanying picture(set).  The pictures are from programs that I had written while taking the respective courses at the University, while others are screen shots of Windows Form based game wanah-bees that I had written on a whim, and still others are my expansions from the XNA C# Education Catalog and new namespace mutations.  The pictures relate to the game more metaphorically seeing that they stand as placeholders to remind me of the type of implementation that will be needed to have the characters coalesce within game play.

[the character.] has existence within the game.  While the characters movement through the game is convoluted, this existence is expanded from the stable format of an ages old game, chess.  Every character is derived from a set piece,(Pawn), involving a combination of, (Bishop, Rook, Knight) attributes, where each attribute has a minimum and maximum sin wave value bound within two limits, the (Queen, King) inclusivity.  An invocation of the character creation process returns an instance of the characters Habiture-Resilience. With this addition, there sets into play and continues the notion of Chaos and Entropy that is inherent throughout the system.  Game play continues as the characters contributions toward their missions success or demise are encountered. There, a positive or negative push or pull is also encountered, effecting the Habiture-Resilience in whole and in part, their recursive dilemma.

[the environment.] consists of the pictorially given environmental Scape.  The Scapes provide differing mediums through which the Soul-juoru mediate their Skill Sets.  So far these Scapes are formed as the Space scape, Air scape, Land scape and Water scape.  These provide the general environmental boundaries.  Through the boundaries, crossings are allowed from and into other Scapes.  The behavior of each Scape enhances or beleaguers each Soul-juoru mission accordingly.  With the provision of barriers, the Soul-juoru is forced to resort to their use of their Skill Sets to overcome the bounding barrier.  Combinations of skill sets between characters increases the likelihood of the barrier becoming comparatively less of a hindrance.  The possibility of mission success to accrue within each of the Scapes can then be realized as an extended advantage between Scapes.  The initial advantage is the capacity of the Scape to consolidate the Soul-juoru mission collective at these barriers which create vortex apices, mission pinch points.  The environment therefore preposes the skills required to overcome the particular Scape.

More [the .] Forthcoming.

[the contour grid.]

[the skill set.]

[the axioms.]

[the ai.]

And yet another Segue.

Going about this consolidation of gamish assets and trying to think through how what fits with what when, has brought to mind the need to hone my own skills of story boarding.  And although, for as much as I would like to cut to the chase and continue to build and rebuild coded game stubs and prototypes, I need to step back and study the workings of ZBrush 4R3.  Economically, it is the greatest pic for the click.  The biggest obstacle here is that it requires a different train of thought while working through the interface.  It is very different from PhotoShop which is also very different from Autodesk XSI.  So anyway, I’ve painted in mostly acrylic, Cray-Pas, color pencils and pens.  It has also been some time since I’ve done any real clay modeling or casting.  I understand the basic artistic concepts so its off to re-realize all that and now, for how its to be captured and expressed in ZBrush.

And then there is the idea of the Object-Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS) that can be used to help define the games data structures and get them ready for the XMLSerializer and the save or load subroutines . . . whatever.

That that is is, that that is not is not, that that is not is not that that is, nor is that that is that that is not.

Yup, seguey me.


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