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[page 0010] ~ZBrushing and the SketchBookPro Story Board:

ZBrush vs. the Slide Rule.

I’ve been working through a book on ZBrush so I haven’t coded for a couple of weeks.  So far, because of this reading, I have come to an understanding that is best expressed as an analogy.  As such, if you are going to use a Slide Rule as an aid to facilitate the processes through an equation, and initially have no accompanying Users Manual for the slide rule, the chances of success become very limited.

The purpose of a slide rule is to efficiently guide solutions of an equation towards its conclusion, given that the mathematical processes required are understood and so implementation of the functions of the slide rule can be incorporated.  Likewise, my use of the ZBrush software is similar in that, the art assets I create are visual representations of processes that connect the story line logic and thereby will be presentations of ways to contour different paths towards expected conclusions within the video game.  The slide rule and the software are both a means to an end, so having a strong grasp of the intricacies of implementation are needed.

Be that as it may, I sculpt and draw my way through what the book explains and find that the best way to remember is to reinforce the patterns from within the context from which they are implemented.  The flow of plentiful keyboard shortcuts begin anywhere within an array of drawing, painting, sculpting or modeling constructs.  The type of pictorial art can begin its render as an idea that will move towards its conclusion because it is seen as one of these starting points, thus ending as a drawing, painting, sculpture or model.  It sounds like I’ll be in a recursive education mode for some time to come.

To be completely fair, in that a picture paints a thousand words, here is a link to the ZBrush Site and their UTube Channel.

ZBrush Website.

ZBrush on UTube.

An Overhaul of Old Art Assets and Game Matrices.

The HOME page of FarNiche has turned into one very large page, with a longer than usual upload time.  It continues to grow, although the end is in sight.  Once filled, with the lingering portions of previous game ideas, that whole page needs to be subdivided within a subtopic under the HOME page as Phase I.  Then, Phase I can be used to guide the game thoughts through more lucid definitions in the Generic Structures and Resource Templates section under the Research page of the site.  That will leave the title page open again to be refaced as the next Phase of FarNiche.

Oh – my, complexity.

I’ve just about finished the ZBrush book, am half way through an AI book and have also started a book on Economics.  The story board idea will need to suffice with its start as Phase I from my site.  Now, I must jump back into the past and relearn what I was working on before I started digging through my old files and programs for that story board idea.  Eventually, I’ll retool those art assets in ZBrush, but I’m getting an itch to do some programming again and I really need to make those recently learned game load/save procedures useful, for all the research that has been put into it, before its too long forgotten.


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