Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

[page 0018] ~ One Game A Month Challenge:

The first ten seconds aren’t the count-down, “find the fun”, and we have lift-off.

First of all, I’ll need to give credit where credit is due.  While trying to explain to myself and within my blog, about my gaming horizons from reading assorted game related books on Safari Online Books, I typed a search of the phrase “indie game development” and ran across a title named “The Game Jam Survival Guide”.  I read the overview, once I started I read it straight through to the end.  I clicked on a couple of the links that were given within the book and somehow stumbled across One Game A Month.  I had just started to use Twitter, @Far_Niche, so after more selective reading to figure out how to send them the tweet, have the tweet also sent back to me, and how/why to apply a hash tag (#1GAM) so they knew I knew that I knew that they knew I sent them a tweet, I then was able to sign up @OneGameAMonth.  That was a tidy bit of ehand-shaking.  So now I’m on the wall of those who will embark on that “IronMan” of video games competition.  This challenge is built around the premise that it is possible to build twelve completed games in a year, one for each month.  Apparently, this has been done.  I have barely an idea of what to expect, but days before the start, January 1st 2013, there are well over one-thousand two-hundred entrants.  This seems to be becoming epic . . . Good for them, lucky for me.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Days ago I had no idea what the next year would bring.  My blog entries were filled with what I was trying to accomplish, in a very disparate fashion.  The parts could fit together, but there was no drive, competition, challenge to press the need that when fitted together a game would result.  But then, because of the directives on the One Game A Month site, the next thing to happen was to sign up on, as FarNiche, where the OneGameAMonth has its message board.  While reading through what others in this challenge are finding of importance, a reference to CodePlex and GitHub were mentioned and again I registered/signed-up, as FarNiche, of course.  And so, as of late I have been reading through codes of conduct, terms of use and other agreements just to figure out how this works, not alone how it all fits together; so in short, how to work and play well with others.  Then, it would seem that, App Hub has split its resources to become focused either on Windows phone or the Xbox 360.  Their are two portals on the main page, which are now “Windows Phone Dev Center” with the other “Xbox Live indie games”; ok, whatever.

The year in review.

The last thing I would like to accomplish this year is to make a vlog of Prototype 2012, so I can take a look at what I had accomplished for the year.  Then I’ll need a licensed Fraps so the milestone movies are more discernable in picture clarity, having also a longer run time with a better frame rate.  Before the year comes to a close, I would like to go through the routine once of vlogging an overview of the running game in action, flowcharting the build process documentation, blogging my general trains of thought about it as I build it, and finally share the code somehow somewhere so the chain-o-love rules supreme.  This has started as my short video of OGAM SpaceWar DryRun 2012.  It is my accomplishment/contribution thus far to prime the pump for next years challenge.  As a side note, while my SpaceWar to SpaceWar II conversion progressed, the ship-shield graphic and numeric interfaces along with the collision-detection logic has made my Xbox 360 thick as a brick, but it really rocks, actually asteroids, on the PC.

So, until next year.

G’day, and Happy Piktun #II.

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