Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

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Every Quest needs a Map.

So, what is a map, and more importantly, what do I think a map is?  Initially, I picture a map as something tangible, a piece of parchment with ink scrawled upon it.  Beyond that, it needs to be where I am, because a map really isn’t useful to me if it isn’t with me.  If it doesn’t remind me about something that the maker of that map thought to be important, for all practical purposes, it has stopped being my map.  This map, my map, my useful map, because it is with me, could therefore be seen through its probability to promote an expedition of abrogation.  And if that is the case, what is left is a set of waypoints that will leave in-between those points the path that is to be followed.  And that’s a map.

So, what is my map?

Right now, my map is empty, therefore I have nowhere to go.  Who built this map?  It is broken.  What I need is a “Map of Many Things”.  I think I’ll just stroll over to the wizards place and see just what is on the bill-o-fare.  Hello, Good-bye.  Leaving that neighborhood magic shop, I once again have found that for all the best intentions, the Map of Many Things was hidden by a legendary Bodhisattva, and became a relic lost from all reckoning through the passage of time, but I did come away with a philosopher’s stone.  Going back to my disheveled hovel, I place the stone on my “Parchment of Devoid” and low and behold, a portcullis appears from under that stone.  Lifting the stone, to get a closer look, I find that the portcullis has vanished, and in its place is a dot.  No, it’s an icon.  Moving the stone over the icon and placing it back on the parchment, I hear a click.  Looking up I see …

GeoControl2, its been a while.

Yeah, really. I go to the Project tab and click Load Projectsettings.  Rummage, rummage rummage.  Do you know why things are always in the last place you look?  Because once you find them, generally, you don’t need to look any further.  And speaking of looking for, this might be a good time to begin a folder dedicated to consolidating and backing up all these relics of antiquity.  Looking at the names of the files in that old folder, I can vaguely recall the naming convention I had used, nor the reasoning behind the purpose of the names.  It seems that I had tried to use Mod Tool to build a terrain, but although the map mesh object could be built, the ability to properly scale it, and then provide collision detection on its surface had become overloaded in extraneous logic.  I think my next option was to draw a map in GeoControl2 and then, ah yes, two bitmaps, land and terrain.  Terrain is the gray-scale heightmap and land is the Gaussian colored biome.  I may have found the precursor to this fabled Map of Many Things.

Four Blogs a Month?

Sure. – G’day.

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