Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place. (Ms-PL) vs. (???)

Or, maybe its just some nervous jitters about going from the sandbox to the kiddy pool.  I still have no idea of how to demonstrate a game exhibition anywhere for any of this, with any simplicity.  More research, and hopefully an “e” for effort.

My ship is small, the map is open.

What are some simple clues to give away the game?  I guess Genre trumps Motif.  Genre is a type and Motif is the mood.  A quick rundown of the genre please.  It’s a: 3D world bound space-ship flight race.  And the motif please.  It has: terrestrial biome colonies and bio-spheres.  Anything else you would like to add?  Yes, a help file.  How about sound?  No.  Well, yes but . . . no.  How many spheres will there be?  Ha ha, a sphere you say.  I do not understand that sphere primitive, nor its base class.  Maybe I’ll understand the implementation of the instantiated variable.  “Find All References” is a really nice menu dropdown item.  OK, I’ll have up to one hundred spheres.  And what do the spheres do?  In general?  Yes, and specifically.  Generally – The spheres float around the game field, if they hit the terrain they bounce back up.  If they hit the troposphere they bounce back down.  And if they hit the edge of the world they bounce back in.  Specifically – The spheres have, wait for it /* segue – my ship has shields */ just refound them, ok, a SphereHitCount I could use somewhere, for the counting of course.  Putting a break-point in the SphereHitCount method of its bool {}, and running in debug mode, I scry its utility.  Got it.  With the break-point off, the counter works.  Carry on.  If you run into a sphere it changes to a wire mesh sphere and increments the counter by one.  Does it drop to the ground?  What do you mean.  Like, halfway through the terrain so it looks like a dome?  Yes.  No, not yet.  But the orbit of the SampleArcBall camera could be faster, I can’t get a bead on the spheres until they have passed me by.  Well, what happens if the ship hits any of the walls?  It starts over at some random position on the map.  Nice.

What was the deal with each viewport needing a dedicated . . .

Hold On.  Just look for the rotational speed first.  Ok.  But just a minute, A tale of many haggis.  Yeah, that sounds about right, I just jacked up the sphere count to 10,000 and had a frame rate interval of 1 in about every 3 or 4 seconds, maybe 5.  Back to 100 spheres.  Anyway, the spheres come in a variety of colors and sizes.  I could really use a compass or some vector readings to follow on the mini-map.  Maybe even some extra little dots on the mini-map of the spheres (x,y) positions.  /* Correction, make that (x,z), y is perpendicular to the tangent of the virtual gravity, e.g. Vector3.Up, like towards the troposphere.  But, never mind, just another 2D/3D conversion convention. */  And you.  I changed the orbital rotation and the speed is good now.  Now what?  Mini-Map compass vector gauge?  Or, I could just fly really fast and best guess my position by matching the in view frustum 3D terrain to the 2D mini-map.

“But what does it do?”

Is there even a little back-story?  Well, no.  Hmm, would you like there to be one?  Yes.  Like what?  I think that there is a home world where;

Sentient life has evolved, iconoclasts have defeated reason and reactive imitation is the new faith.  The Old Masters of Belief are inexorably destroyed, Creation is considered a black art and the void of chaotic syncretic manipulation opens.  Every twenty-one years the Edict of the Precursors has sacrificed the human pinnacle of there civilization to the heavens, launching them from the home world to the starry sky above.  With a stalwart yet saddening farewell they are taken out, and off the home world, where they begin the cycle anew.  The society that they left behind is then opened to a perpetual, self-fulfilling need, the need to fill the spaces of those who are gone, the real cost of opportunity.  For those who must go and for those who stay behind, their Dilemma is the same.  Deny the History of the Edict and produce Wars of Annihilation on their home world and severance to one another abroad.  Then, followed with the denial of Sacrifice unto Excommunication to those who had been previously sent, those on the home world also rescind their pledge to observe the Edict.  Leaving only all to disavow their previous ties to their recursive existence on the home world, and nought to revel in their new auspicious disassociations in sustaining their home world nor building new off-world colonies, the scattered survivors begin to; . . .

Uhm, well then, or maybe,

Could you make it just a little more simple?  please.

Sure, I agree, great and strange is this wondrous KISS.  I think I can do this, I hope I can do this.

The simple story:  Four space ships are your last hope.  Choose your ship and stop the evaporation spheres from escaping with your colonies.

The back story:  A rogue civilization has unleashed a new weapon upon your home world.  A sphere that engulfs your cities, towns and villages, and lifts them up, then slowly shrink in size until they pop out of existence, along with your colonies.  You must infiltrate the spheres with your ship before they slip away to the void.  “Ramming Speed!”  Time is not on your side.  Fly fast, but don’t crash, four ships are all you have.  Good luck, fight the good fight and remember our survival depends on you. – That’s better.

Until next time, still hobbling toward a more simple story plot.

And as the sun sinks slowly in the sky, our good Master Yoda expounds, in his gravelly voice:  “Mmmm.  Stupid Simple It Keep, and now, yes, forever rest”.

But wait, there’s more . . . G’day.

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