Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

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it’s really sticky stuff, oh bother.”; from Winnie-Ze-Pooh.

In finding myself being a member of this One Game A Month community, I feel it is my duty to conduce another diverse aspect of gamification.

A Fish out of Water

I’ve searched and researched the many aspects of the playable game options that I have for #1GAM and the long and short of it is . . .

I do have a few options, it seems, none of which include a simple resolution.  For instance:

1).  I build a game on the PC and therefore have the source code which, when compiled, builds the game and is playable through a window created by the API in debug mode.

2).  I have that game after compilation as an .exe and can then play it on the PC by clicking on its .exe from within the Windows Explorer folder. All is good.

3).  Also, I can start up the XBox 360 and have it connect to my PC through Xbox LIVE Indie Games and “XNA Game Studio Connect”.  With that connection the game is deployed to the game console where it is then playable as it had been on the computer.  Again, all is very good.

4).  One last caviate would be to select it from “my games” from within the consoles menu.  But this would prove fully unfruitful to the OGAM community at-large.

And how it gets sticky.

A few forks in the road seem to have come about which diverge from the following conjuncture:

1).  A supposition involving a simplicity that resolves to an implementation where a game “is” in play.

2).  A formalized standard which allows the games concepts to be perceived as that of the given game as “being” played.

3).  And a conclusion that provides some degree of satisfaction because the game “has” been played.

Diverging from this convergence is where I will assume my recourse, in that, of a game played as found from my link on One Game A Month.

High Hurdles.

Underlying those virtual precepts, the methods that will produce a game, will come about if, and only if:

1).  there is the code to be compiled within the compatible API. – PC.

2).  the given .exe is clicked on within a computer having the necessary “redistributables” installed. – PC.

3).  the deployed game is selected from the consoles game menu. – XBOX.

Sordid details.

This option entails having the code reside either on GitHub or CodePlex, where these assets are used to reproduce the game.  Not the best option seeing that in its current “bloatware” status HUD-On is (349 Files, 68 Folders) with 892 MB (935,886,848 bytes).  And my best guess is that that download wouldn’t provide simplicity, seeing that the player would need to install GS 4.0 on the PC so as to have the game data match the game load serializer.

Another “best” option would be to utilize “ClickOnce Deployment”, which seems to be a self-contained package builder, something in the lines of an XNA focused form of Flexera InstallShield in a WINZIP-esque wrap.  This would facilitate the “redistributables” installation onto the PC, but the loadsome nature of this process may also prove, not necessarily prohibitive but more, inhibitive.

Another option would be to load it into a project slot within my “MyI” namespace at which point it would become an entity to be consumed by the playtest and review peers of the XBLIG Games Catalog community. And like Jackie Gleason might say, slap-snap-crack-zip-zoing-zoom, and off and away it goes.  Which means that it would be accessible, in part, on its way to Indie Game approval.  But of course it would need to be a game in completeness, bug and crash free, to the best of my knowledge, and ready, as such, for the MarketPlace, as my game.  This still would not relinquish simplistic access from a link from my OGAM profile.  Hmm, again.

Then, the dogged truth.

Finally, remuneration, which envolves, yes, you may have guessed it, I think the Beatles summed it up pretty well in their song The Beatles – Revolver, Taxman.  Yeah, that stuff, sticky stuff in its own right.  But, not to be confused with recompense, which is qualified by means of anguish, which is perpetually, in all actuality, offset through elation found because of accomplishment, both large and small.

a Wedged Bear in Great Tightness” – also from; Winnie-the-Pooh.

And I believe I will leave it at that.  And get back to what I do best, hibernation, just kidding.  Seeing that One Game A Month is a personal challenge, I could still Karaoke my way through this year, bonus, from sad to glad.  And so, with most optimality the path was proven too impossible, sorry Princess Pea, just too, not completely, impossible that is.  YES has sung it best, “Yours is no Disgrace”.


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