Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

[page 0023] ~ Wheedling through the (K–Pg) boundary:

Through a Bazillion handshakes the game is begun.

Loath to expire in this Phylum of mine I must find a magic talisman, build a space suit, and grow wings, for the old K–T Boundary is the new 50. It seems that HTML5 is here, it is moving along, and the flight looks pretty good too.  How might my flight look is yet to be clearly seen.  But, with the “Packing and Distributing Your Game” a transmutation may become possible and some entry given to One Game A Month as a last ditch attempt, maybe, eventually.  A final stumbling block in this continuing escapade is that any entry of mine, of my game, will have its input from a Game Pad, alone, be it PC or XBOX, possibly up to four pad controllers on a single console, eventually.  But I may just thank them for dinner, stop in from time to time, and continue about with my own familiar design.  There is no sense mucking up the field doing everything with my heavy hooves, everywhere, all the time.  It is strange that in creation things can be seen as that of becoming straightened out, even though the universal foam seems to be, for the most part, eternally perturbed.  Well, that was fun.  Most likely, I should set my sights back on my own game devices once again.  A pleasant jaunt it has been.

Finishing my Notes.

I am going to try to rebuild HUD-On, and for comparison and contrast I think I should Fraps this game as, FarNiche 0005 HUD-On Com, in its current state.  A nice before and after, probably more like before and since, as it will be the best way to state this game in its current point in time.  From there, I can begin a process of consistent replication, for the next twelve months, but can only start if it starts at all.

So then the mini-map . . .

I have found that hard coding a variables constant values within the class flow of logic as that particular literal value is not a good idea.  It is best to make a global const and from there all the variables can be changed without “searching” for them all.


“Help me Global Game Jam, you’re my only hope” – Princess Pe-a.  There is yet hope to have a game, game one, ready for January.  #GGJ13 is just before the end of the month so there does seem to be a great and small window of opportunity to devise some sort of game before the next month begins.  As for time management, “How many seconds are in forty-eight hours?”  “And at which clock cycle might you find yourself in quandary in looking for these ‘seconds’ in your 48 hours?”  Very good, well met, yet there is before me another fork. A choice of two, to select one is my only option.  No, no, no, just build a select case, a counter and let the for-while-loop go about being filled with what needs to be done in the time I’ve been allotted.  Ok, tweet out some things that need to be done, like . . . fweep-fweep-fweep-fweep…FWEEEEP.

Things to do, places to go, people to meet.

Start a new solution.  Grab some stuff from BasicGameSize, like everything, and just call it GlobalGameSize with a new GUID as found in Solution/Game/Properties/Application/Assembly Information/GUID.  Because, if by chance you were to build an .exe with the same GUID, “and namespace?”, there may be the chance that that could over write a previous build and thus update, or downgrade the current project build.  What-ever.

I hope I can build this template in . . .

preparation to this upcoming weekend.  Open VSE 2010 and select New Project, then Windows Game(4.0).  Select a desired file Location: and the Name: of the project solution. After the IDE creates and loads the interface, in the Solution Explorer, right click on the GlobalGameSize project and select Properties.  In the XNA Game Studio tab open the Game thumbnail: and give  it some alterations.  Don’t hawk any ideas from the Global Game Jam 2013 site. Ok, I have something close from my GDD prototype I could put to use.  Done.  In the Application tab change the Icon and fill in some more of the Assembly Information.  Move down to the Security tab and click the link, “Learn more about code access security …”, and of course, read more and more.

It’s time to set my boot heals to a’ wanderin’.

The time to pack it up and hit some door is upon me, the point of no return.  If I don’t have it at least I’ll know where it is.

See ya when I git back, back to where I once belong.

Who is Jo-Jo?  Mo-Jo, Jo-Jo?


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