Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

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Now that was cool, Global Game Jam 2013.

I had no idea of what to expect, and I’m glad I had no expectations, because as things turned out, I found myself intrinsically imbued with the entirety of the event.  The game works rather well, or well enough, and all in all, this GGJ13  has put me in a mood that should last me for some time to come.  A lot of good people, a great team, a fun weekend building and playing games, and some really excellent memories are what I have come away with.  And even though pushing through with lack of sleep, I need to say it was worth all the effort involved, and will leave it at that.  Perfect.

Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss.

During the GGJ13 I learned of a new way to accommodate the K.I.S.S. approach for my One Game A Month challenge.  It is Processing.  The syntax is comfortable and it is a feather weight in comparison to my .NET/XNA flagship that I have been navigating about these gamified waters.  Processing runs itself like a little Sketchbook, keeping track of ideas as they pop up, like a computational notepad.  Keeping code small is the best way, with short incremental builds where the debugging ideas are kept only a few steps away.  And yes I do like Processing and XNA (a.k.a. Green Eggs and Ham), I really like them Sam I am.

A very short blog.

G’day and Good Night.

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