Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

[page 0026] ~ Sound in my Web Game:

Client/Server side sound.

While utilizing both Processing and Processing.js there seems to have been a paradigm shift in the way the Processing code is brought to the web.  Processing.js, from what I have gathered thus far, is the way that the code is to be presented in, in my case, my gamers web page games.  Which of course means that Processing won’t be building me an “applet” and that it would serve me well to read up on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.  Although this seemingly has little to do with my GS-XNA 4.0 creation of games for XBLIG, I still do need to tend to my own web creation and expansion.  In the long run this way side stop and scenic view is a good thing.  All this will also let me present my tiny games to those on One Game A Month with little to no hassle because it will be more closely aligned with the Princess Pea and Sir Mushroom game: Pathos.

A short bout with Chaos.

It’s snowing out.  I walk inside and find that there is a small tuft of snow on the tip of my shoe.  I stand on the mat at the door and pop off both my shoes.  While slipping off one shoe I lightly tap the tip of the snow on the tip of my shoe onto the kicker of the wooden door.  It moves from my shoe and sticks to the door.  I’m now in my socks.  With my socky toes I flick the snow off the door so the moisture won’t stain the wood.  But, in doing so it lands inside my shoe.  I bend to pick up my shoe to knock out the snow.  Now, when it melts outside my shoe when I go back outside my foot won’t get wet inside.  Stepping backwards to go about my day, in my socks, I step where some snow was left from the bottom of my shoe when I first came in.  Pesky Chaos, you just can’t win.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

It looks like this months objective is to build a game in Processing and post the code on GitHub.  I’ll have a game.  Anyone can view the code and run it in Processing.  It’ll meet two directives, a game to play and a link to the code to one game.  And it will make me sad that it isn’t a go-to page and mouse click to start and play the game.  Yes, this game is, like so many other entrants, and will need to have something extra to play the game, the installation of Processing.  Once again, my bad.  Hopefully March will bring about a web page game.  At this rate it might, but it will be a real foot race.  I’ve been going over some of the books that deal with the three afore mentioned technologies and the Processing.js site documentation.  It reminds me of when I initially started out trying to build my website in MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express instead of using MS FrontPage.  I thought that using “W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict” would be a good idea because I could low ball the browser wars and fly in under the radar, which worked out pretty well.  But, along came Twitter and the like, (possible pun there), and found that the “Strict” Document Type Definition actually was very strict.  So now it’s time to swing way over to the other maximum of the pendulum and dive into that wonderful HTML5 “canvas” object, JavaScript, CSS3 and Processing.js and hope I don’t get lambasted.

The game plan this month.

Build a game in Processing and post the code in a repository, whatever that is.  At GitHub they said something about SHH keys, but its been a while (2005) since I’ve had anything to do with Bash, where I had to mix it up with Linux/Unix at the University, with some Windows Telnet and FTP using Internet Explorer just to debug the test runs in the School environment from at home, where then, I didn’t need to live in the C++ computer lab at school, “Those were the days …”, ugh!  So, seeing that it is always less fruitful to talk about homework than to actually bury oneself in it by doing it, it’s time to put this blog up and out and find what’s new out there, like reading, research, shoveling, doing some dishes, tea with honey and lemon, some small talk and then getting more game ideas into and out of my head.  Oh yeah, with some sound.



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