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 Tick, tick, tick . . .

Still configuring my web site page so my “games” will have a happy home.  I’ve also resolved a couple of issues with the browsers I am using.  Chrome, in the Settings/Show advanced settings … at the bottom of their page, is a title called Web content which affords the capability to set the Font size: to Large and the Page zoom: to 125%.  Happy now ’cause the settings stick and stay.  But I have yet to find and auto-hide for their search tab, yep, right over the top of my page.  I still can’t find a way to have Safari keep my zoom view settings while running from instance to instance.  Firefox seems to hold its zoom settings more closely, it just updated to 19.0, more joy, and GitHub just had an update too.  Also my CSS issues with the browsers staying in a same visible representation sync across the board with my pages .css Layout/Format calls have been rectified, by me?  Really?  But they do all resolve and give the same look, for the most part, flavor is still subjective, in all four of these browsers.  IE9 deals with some rejection/safety complexes, golden-child/black-sheep, careful about the code, who knows what or why.  But in whole all is well, except for sound, in all.

Tweek, tweek, tweek . . .

A little bit more reading and research and my game page template is nearly … no … it’s never done.  But I may have come up with a new title for my game, Streamonsters.  And It just got a Screen Shot Saturday, yeah!  The game itself is starting to take shape, going from a “what is this canvas capable of”, to “how am I going to keep my tools strait as I build and use them” type of confluence-like scenario.  A virtual tool box is a really nice thought and concept but going from nothing to, “a place for everything and everything in its place” in one flail swoop … ok, it’s not quite “old hat” but I think I can deal with it.  And a nice pile of tools doesn’t make a game, but its nearer to the mark.  I’ll need a start, middle and an end to this game.  I think I have a thought or two as to what is in my game, besides a tool box o’ stuff.  I don’t believe that my canvas web game and my application GitHub game are going to be too similar though.  They may share the essence of the general theme but that’s about it.  It’s not about blood but when you’ve got a heartbeat at the base of the game it’s only natural to have blood about.  But to be specific the game is about one blood cell and the nice little life it leads while being pumped around the vein system.

First Things First, Breaks Over, Back to Code Hunting.

Boolean flags are an excellent way to deal with a perpetual loop system, but keeping track of them all, what they do, where they’re placed, if they are active or not, when they become active when do they become inactive, if they are set inside another flag loop, and if so, won’t be active until the outer loop is active, which will be when(?), and on … and on.  Me, the code hunter.  This might help, I’m building my first class structure in Processing.  I have a little red blood cell that needs to stay inside the vein system inside my body.  Start at the heart, move along to the extremities, hang out for a bit, turn around, get cleaned out in the Kidney, high tail it back to the Heart with what little oxygen I have left, take a quick respite at Club Lung and soak it all back up there, only to get ready to set my boot heals to a wanderin’, again.  And this has what to do with this class that I am attempting to build?  As stated, the cell needs a position inside the body and also needs a mechanism to keep the cell from being wisped away and into other systems tracks.  It seems that a stream of data that will set the cells tracks is in order.  Thus a class, that will hold each cell position and have the capacity to also be used as a Keyword to build an array, which will allow it to transform it into a series of data points that follows the path along through the body to each appendage and then back again, is what I am after.  I guess I could consider this to be my first pseudo-code event for a class in Processing, also.

Another Piece of the Puzzle.

I have already built a VectorSet which is a 3×3 square of mouse clickable buttons with eight arrow directions, up, down, left, right, and then the four diagonals between those four.  This helps me move my little red blood cell around the canvas, which is actually how I helped the cell built the body around itself.  Great fun, pretty smart, eh?  Now what I need to do is use that same structure to allow a data stream to manipulate that structure.  Simplistically, it would follow the heartbeat flag and at each beat the trigger would send one class instance of CellPulse data into the stream to update the draw method, retaining its value until the next update, yes, in simplicity.  CellPulse doesn’t give position data, it holds the indices of the 3×3 VectorSet that another method will interpret.  When combined, the red blood cell will have a path to follow because the data from the array of CellPulses will be read through the VectorSet where the draw method captures that data and assigns the little red blood cell ellipse to the position found by the afore mentioned process.

One Game A Month.

Time is short.  Seeing that these logic streams are headed over for a hook into One Game A Month, and now I actually have two games, and this challenge isn’t called “Two or More Games A Month”, I think I’ll just focus on one game.  My choice for this months challenge is Streamonsters.  Sadly though this game will have no sound.  “minim”, the sound library used in Processing, and thusly is in my initial game ASyncingHeart_II built in JAVA Mode, isn’t readily available in Processing.js, which is currently the game given on my site as Februarys offering.  “minim” is not accessible in JavaScript Mode, and so not through this months game Streamonsters.  “minim” is what was this first halves months efforts direction to figure out and be used in this months game.  So be it, some sadness.  Now for a little healin’ with the hurtin’.  Maybe I can get some background music in there somehow.  I’ve got to get back to my “One Game” so …


FYI: The February game Streamonsters links to my FarNiche site, and though currently accessible, the game may be under revision until the start of March 1st, this coming Friday.

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