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I Me Me Yours.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to gamify myself as of late.  To this point our illustrious headmaster has put to us, a side quest.  There may be others out there that might find intrigue as to how still others welcome the extrospection of yet others One Game A Month games through introspection.  Snazzy idea beat master.  In fact a beautiful idea.  And to not let this be completely altruistic, I will also benefit in being reminded of what I have learned through others.  That being said, …

A Couple of Games.

Site: john deboer.

Game: After Party.

When I first played this game there were no levels that I can recall.  I couldn’t move and there were no drunks. I wasn’t able to do too much, but after a twitter, and a little time, this game has become an all out duke-em-out.  With a lamp shade on my head, or tea cosy, I attempt to make it back home.  There are drunks out in mass.  All seem bent on taking me down for the count.  My only recourse is to use the up, down, left and right keyboard keys to move to the right, the finish line.  Also the z-key lets me, offensively, defend myself from the ever growing pickled perishers, knocking them out in the street.  I haven’t won, yet.

At the games sight, there is a picture of some books which has given me an idea of which I may do the same.  Thanks.

Site: Will develop games for food.

Game: New project.

This game was fun to watch grow.  It reminded me of the old Zelda/Link games, an open field outdoor adventure.  I start out standing in a field and as I roam about freely there are things out there, rocks, mushrooms, snakes, chickens and huts.  The huts have villagers that I can converse with.  They each have a story and mostly would like some help.  That’s to be expected of a Hero, and so off I go picking up rocks, and throwing them, z-key, at snakes, along with movements from the up, down, left and right arrow keys.  Some villager quests are snake skin jacket and mushroom soup, the chickens also lay golden eggs.

Site: 5ifty2wo.

Game: Wizard Adventures.

This game was an experiment for myself as well as the developer.  I am the Ghost of a Wizard and the Reapers are out to make sure I never rise to the moon, my nemesis.  I start out in front of an old castle and must fly upward to defeat the moon in sorcerous combat.  On my way up I must evade and cast spells at the Reapers who stand, actually float and fly, in my way.  Navigation is with the up, down, left and right arrows and I cast spells with the space bar.  For me, this was the interesting part.  I decided to try to use my XBox controller attached to my computer to play this game, and the D-Pad on the game controller worked.  Somewhat astonished at the fact, and after a tweet to let the developer know, I fired up my XBox with Internet Explorer 9, found the game and played it on my XBox using the game pad controller.  There was one hitch, I couldn’t cast any spells because the space bar had no mapping to a controller input.  But all the same it was fun to experiment with that and I was able to dispatch the moon, on the PC, with a keyboard.  A game I won.

Site: Storm Alligator.

Game: A Team For The Job.

This game was pretty well complete by the time I got to it.  It’s kind of like a card game, and kinda not.  But, there is a quest by the King to find a team of adventurers.  Each player is dealt some cards and the cards are played in turn reciprocally.  The objective is to build a team that has one of each class type.  The side who has all the slots filled first wins the Kings approval and becomes the chosen team for the quest.  At first the writing on the screen scrolled a little too fast but there were enough pauses to read the cards which explained the what and why of the cycle that brought about the seemingly quick scrolling in between player exchanges.  It took me a little bit to understand the mechanics of the game, but once I had a grasp of where it was going, the game moved along nicely.  This is also another game that I was able to win.

Site: Liza Shulyayeva.

Game: AlienTree.

This game I couldn’t get to work on my PC using Internet Explorer 9.  It is a game about a tree on an alien world.  The tree is still a tree but its environment behaves differently than what I would consider normal.  The seasons cycles change like day and night.  Spring, summer, winter and fall change in the blink of an eye.  The game is to grow this tree in an alien environment using a glass of water, a beaker of fertilizer, a lopper and a candle.  At first, my tree would grow and then would become a hangman’s tree, literally, my screen would freeze.  So I tried to play this game in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and from there I could use all of the tools to get my tree to grow and bear fruit through the alien seasons.  But sadly, I am inept with my alien gardening skills and would see my tree bruckel into pieces.  My trees die, dratted environment.

Site: Tapdancing Goats.

Game: Fretwork.

This game I was able to watch grow from an implementation that the developer understood to a game that I, someone who didn’t understand the underpinning of the game logic, could find playable.  To start off, there is a table or a wall, and thereon are pegs spaced evenly across the board.  And on those pegs are spools which are attached to what seems one peg with four spools radiating out from each peg.  But, this is where it gets tricky, when a spool is clicked on to move it radially about the peg, the peg is no longer attached to the adjacent peg and is therefore rotated around the axis of the … well all I can say is that the mechanics have improved immensely and that there are many twists and turns.  The idea of the game is to line up the same colored spools.  Each rotation might grab a previously placed spool and change the initially thought or desired outcome.  The visual cues, by means of tinting the peg/spool unit, give a better understanding of which items are about to be moved.  Another aspect is that of the rotation, initially it seemed to spin rather abruptly, and as of my last playing the rotation is more like a weighted door where a slight nudge will show that it moves while a slightly stronger tug will begin its swing but more like a self closing door it smoothly sets itself into place.  At first I couldn’t figure out how to get any points, but now I am able to get a couple as I guide the colored spools into consecutive strings.

Three come from:

Site: Colin Maxwell’s Blog.

Game: Castle Invaders.

This is a castle siege game where I protect my castle from the invading forces.  I stand atop the bulwark and drop rocks to crush those who would take the home of my King.  To and fro I run as they assail the wall with those who ascend while mounted knights run around the castle.  The arrows fly over head, but sometimes dead on the mark.  Swiftness is my only friend, well, maybe also the rocks.  Defend for your life!

Game: WarWolf.

This is a castle siege game where I am the proud owner of a siege weapon, a trebuchet, which look suspiciously like a catapult.  But in either case, I am charged to put down this castle and force surrender of the inhabitants.  I have limited ammunition, rocks, to pound the castle.  With each hit the castle crumbles and as the walls are lowered the white flags of surrender are raised.

Game: Joust.

I am a Page.  And with a little practice I have become a Knight.  Here, I am at a jousting match, a knight in armor on horseback with my lance.  I am not in mortal combat, this is time for festivities and revelry.  My horse takes off and I raise and lower my lance to spear the balloons as they cross my path.

Each of the three afore mentioned games keep, graphically, within the same motif.  The instructions are simple and informative and a couple have a historical backstory.

And I will finish off with these two.

Site: McFunkypants.

Game: Pathos.

This is a game of the love between Princess Pea and Sir Mushroom.  Looking down at a map of the world in which they reside, it is my duty, nay, mission to keep the two apart.  Luckily I have rocks that I can place in their paths to insure their longing is preserved.  It is also up to me to make sure their path is not wholly barred where their love is forever and anon lost to eternity.

Game: Gate of Rath.

This is a Pac-Man-Like game.  Hm, The End.  But really, the little adventurer is in a dank underground castle cellar, a dungeon.  To sneak through the maze and not be caught by the cellar dwellers is the only hope.  Locking doors can save you for a bit but don’t lock yourself into a dead-end.  I win, no, I lied, I lost.

I must say I have really found Pathos to be of most benefit.  I had need to find a way to build smaller games for One Game A Month.  My XBox-XBLIG game structure was too unwieldy.  Now I am using this model or I should say the tools that build this model to create my own games.  Thanks Mcfunkypants and thanks all for your help and support.  Off and into March.  This month is RogueLike for me unless told other wise.  Until then.


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