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Hello One Game A Month: in care of Christer, et al.

I’ve been assailed by my many permutations and combinations of late and have a couple of questions.  After that last Twitter conversation about sort pointer over-runs (start/end at zero or one), and my shot at topping your silliness with behoovement, which was pretty much a blank space with no better word that would fit, I thought it would be best to hit the reset button and get to you a long winded real stream of thought.

Muahaha ha ha . . .

I have already submitted my March game, and would think I just used up my get out of jail free card by the very nature of the entry, maybe, maybe not.  I posted a Vlog about a game recently invented called VennisPong.  It’s a mash up of Volleyball, Tennis and Ping-Pong.  There is another game that follows within the same vlog from about a year or so back called Forest Bowling.  I didn’t want anyone who might watch my entry think that that first game was just a fluke so I topped it off with that second game, two games for the price of one.  To prove that point, I also used my Gravatar as my game icon seeing that I am part and parcel of the gamification portrayed.  Yep, I’m in my game too.  I might as well follow in the footsteps of greatness.  My vlog games also have a dedicated instruction manual blog post on page 0033 at my FarNiche WordPress presence pertaining to both VennisPong and Forest Bowling.

To my questions.

I noticed that when entering my March submission there is a drop-down list-box where a month can be selected as the month for the particular submission.  What I was wondering, although of course I am not to be inclined as to wonder about others who have submitted laterally across those months, and of those months, those months that have not had as yet any realism in actual occurrence, i.e. futures See: No Rules clause, if more than one game per month could be appended to the current months submission.

To cut to the chase, is there a submission system that allows for multiple submissions vertically within the same month, using that same drop-down month selector.  I wonder in this thought because I may bank my RogueLike of this month for another month, in case of an emergency.  But then again, if I am feeling bold and reckless, I might submit it under this same month (March) if there were to be any capacity to facilitate such an action and if there were to be any advantageous reasoning  behind this type of action.  A seeming fear would be that of one in which it would erase or supplant my previous submission.  But then again this is “One” Game A Month and not “Some” Games A Month or “Games To Come In The Upcoming Months”.  Provision of the months drop-down list to facilitate this utility may or may not have been the intention initially perceived  of nor have any bearing to this site as it moves along through its evolution.  And as noted games needn’t be offered in consecutive months any way.  To move on, it seems to me that pre-submitting laterally across the forthcoming months assures the “bowling a 300 game” aspect where “strikes” add the next two alley bowling ball rolls into the “frame”.  But in doing so, the months “Theme” is in part neglected.  The potential to eschew the collective buzz about that months “Theme” becomes imminent along with the assimilation through hivemind.  The question is, are there any advantages if one were to add games vertically, if it is possible at this time to add games vertically to the same month, if it is a possible work in progress or is it that it would just mess up whatever type of system that was initially intended and of that in mind at its inception.  For all intents and purposes the quick links switchboard panel in the profile page provided, grants access to any of the other games conceived during that month by the respective developer.  Those games, in excess of the hopefully polished and favorite “One” game offering for that month, could find direction by other means facilitated by that games particular creator.  From my best recollection, initially you were thinking that a handful of your buddies would be getting together on this site to do something of this nature, collectively building games monthly, but it just went . . . uhm . . . became the happenin’ place.

As for my wonderin’, I didn’t feel I should put any fake place holder games in just to see what would happen.  So I guess the question is, is it possible to add games vertically?  If that were to be true, is it possible to sort those games where they pertain to the variety of “Game Jam” themes presented over the month.  And finally, is there any reason that that would make those vertical additions and/or singular submitions into a particular “Theme” more advantageous, seeing that lateral pre-submissions to upcoming months already assure the concurrent/successive month upon month bonus?  Once again, that being said, tossing out the entirety of this summation of concern while leaving it to only add a drop-down list-box selector, which would consolidate the “Jam” under that months game offering to which it pertains, thus alleviating any presumption of more than one game entry per month, has also come to mind and is nothing but a mere contemplation.

Agreeably, this is a rather oat meal-esque kind of email/blog but these first two months haven’t been dull at all.  And like I had mentioned above, time, for at least me, to hit the reset button.  The questions herein are by no means of any pressing matter.  It is more of a way just to say hey I’m still hangin’ in there, I have found your creation, i.e. site, very intriguing and that I like the way you’re tending to this site with the apparent Über babysitting of the servers in need of coolant and/or radiator juice and general TLC.  Also, I felt a need to quell with quill my “Happy Bunny” brain, as it were, and come to grips with the thoughts I have been entertaining.  Just to add a touch of realism, this whole adventure on One Game A Month seems a little bit, to me, like going to an “Outfitter” when getting ready to hit the boundary waters, when going in on a fly-out fishing trip or the many other excursions I have participated in, in the past.

In closing:

This conjunction you have formulated, if put to a Turing Test would find a computer is a great aid in facilitation but unfathomably difficult beyond reasoning to re-simulate in its convoluted dynamic.  Just an observation.  But really, this is a very cool hub site.  Excellent effort of you, for your time and patients, that of Team SpreadTheLove and of course thanks to the many others in this cavalcade of OGAM adventurers.

Best of Spartan RogueLike and like adventures.

Sleep well, pleasant dreams, wake rested.

Gratefully yours,


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