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New news.

Because of the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, (twitter) #7DRL, I have my first real critique, by TheUberHunter.  Woo-Hoo!  Thanks.

Also, ZBrush 4R6 is a FREE upgrade. It’s up and running, again, and now . . .

More Lies, more or less.

This months theme is PHILOSOPHY.  Some potential lays within that word to draw out new ideas for this months game.  But as stated, I lied, again.  In a previous months blog I finished off by saying, about Trail Blazer, “No errors have been introduced while advancing these improvements and the game in its entirety has lost no integrity.”  But while playing the game I’ve noticed that when the CONTINUE button is pressed the DEFEATED end splash screen can pop up for some reason or other.  This anomaly doesn’t change the game play but it does nothing except introduce confusion because of its erroneous behavior. Its a lie that needs to be corrected, a fixable lie, more like a mistake donned under the auspices of truth in validity.  Ooops, and so the philosophy begins.

Back to the Theme, eventually.

This game version has run its course.  It works well enough and the game play moves from start to finish.  The game loop is entered, the players avatar advances through the game and when the game is completed, with either a win or lose edict, the game loop is closed.  From there the game can be exited entirely or reset to be played again.  I would venture to say that I have finally built my first complete game.

Layer upon layer.

The ideas for my new game will come from what memories I have left of an old game my sister and I would play a long long time ago, Outdoor Survival.  It was one of my more favored games of my youth.  But as life has gone on I have come across two other games, computer games, that I have found myself enjoying and repeatedly playing.  The first is Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings and the second Caesar III.  The challenge here is to find what I liked best within these three games and put it to myself how to have them blend together in a way that it becomes a new game.  The greatest challenge will be to have it become another complete game because of persistence in my skills with computer programming.

With that said . . .

Seeing that this OGAM ruckus is all for fun and games, I should start to think about how I can take what I am doing now with this web game versioning so, eventually, it will be useful for what I have previously built as HUD ON.  HUD ON isn’t a game, yet.  It is mostly a game template, of sorts, that hold the asset manipulative functions I have formulated and built on the computer, and with XNA and C#, is ported over to be run on my XBox 360.  The game is a map displayed in a 3D world with space ships that fly over the terrain where the game pad controller is used to bump the ships into floating spheres while avoiding the ground below.  That is it, the game so far, HUD ON, no real starting point, no story line, no written rules, not even a glimmer of Ta-Dah at the end, if there is an end to the game.  That then is what is missing and is what I should start thinking about as I try to build my August version for OGAM.

Not directly, but consequentially.

So this months game needs a name, an idea and a direction so that it will aid the game play of HUD ON, or what ever that new XBox 360 mutation or permutation game will become.  I need to start some parallel thought streams to build this game this month and have what I’ve accomplished now become of use later on.  As for OGAM, Trail Blazer is the source stock and this months theme becomes the additive that will give form to this new game and provide a gamified dialectic, more philosophy.  In totality, the desired essences of Outdoor Survival, Age of Empires and Caesar III will form a discourse between these three to start a new direction from the base OGAM submission Trail Blazer.  Having a base game logic template, adding philosophical aspects to and about the game and continuing to build where intertwined story lines form, should then give aid to the, almost, game I have previously built for the Xbox 360, HUD ON.  The provisioning for some interesting wriggling for the future builds because of this months theme offering drives the mental precipitate evoked today and will hopefully linger on, giving way to its own evolution, becoming a playable game for this month and on the Xbox 360.  But . . .

Until then,


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