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Updates – From: Firefox 25.0.1 to Firefox 26.0.

And the themes this month are FROZEN, SECRET, and KITTEN.

That’s It, Game Over, The Games are Complete…

Well, it’s been a good year.  I’ve brought some new and old games onto the scene and have learned how to program web games using Processing.  I would like to thank everyone at One Game A Month, #1GAM, for a great run over the last twelve months.  This spirit of competition was just enough to keep the challenge out in front, which added some distance in-between getting just a little more done each time before the finality of each project.

At the start of the year I had no real idea of what I would be doing.  Now that this year is over I can look back and see, both from my life and programming point of view, how a lot of blanks got filled in.  For one, I had never built a game from start to finish, they had all previously been kind of gamish or app-like.  And from that, I learned that it is best to start a game with the end game in mind, not exactly what the games’ end will be, but what will bring about a series of attainable goals that culminate as the winning scenario, that is, the sense of victory found within the end game.  Another huge paradigm that has come to light, for me, and is something that I can now truly believe, is that nothing is ever irrectifiably complete, or more simply, done or finished.  Being done commits a process unto finality and precludes any further successions of evolution.  And now, having Christmas come and gone once again, and drawing off of that Christmas Spirit, I can think of only one thing that has been done once and for all, that has been brought to its finality and is the best evolution of that, that that, may ever produce.  But as it is that we all must carry on, and now, for all to move into this new year, change will continue to be.  And that brings about my last point, because now, I will continue where I left off last year, being, getting back to my Windows PC C# built, XBox 360 run, precompiled programming as an Xbox 360 Indie Game Developer.  I have not done any 3D game programing for an entire year, a rather long sabbatical, and that is more than long enough a time to be away.  And, I grow weary of immediate mode program code compilation, or more truthfully, I think the HTML5 <canvas> object grows weary of the velocity and crushing loads that my programming style has seemingly inflicted upon it.  For most, if not all, of the games produced this year, they ran well enough in the Processing API, when initialized from the resources on my computer.  But when accessed from the web, there was a considerable lag in all respects but mostly pertained to code page logic cycle speed.  And with that, I need to get back to building an .exe using C# that is given over to COM++ to run via the Windows .NET resource data blob thing that controls all of the GUI stuff, using C#.NET framework on the Xbox, with those neeto game pad controllers, of course.  It is my way, so be it.  Go Microsoft!  Again, to all who participated in, to those who have actively contributed and who have helped build this OGAM, thank you …

But before that all happens, one last game for 2013.  Following the themes given for December, I’ve built a short game.  There is a boisterous kitten that thinks it is better to be outside than inside.  One day the kitten sneaks out and has to spend the day outside in the snow.  It is cold and the kittens master will not be back for some time.  The game itself is simple.  Use the mouse pointer to left click at a point where the kitten is to move.  Snow flakes randomly appear and move across the playing field.  If a flake crosses paths with the kitten the kitten begins to freeze.  If the kitten gets hit by too many snow flakes the kitten will freeze and the game will end.  If the kitten doesn’t freeze before the master gets back home, all’s well that ends well, and the sneaky kitten ends up back inside, again.  The End.

Play Flakey Kitten Here.

Happy New Year, and of course,


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