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Money, the Theme of the Month.

But first, an honorous rendition of the same song of the title, The Kinks – The Money Go Round, with feeling, (click About/Show more, and sing along with the lyrics.)  I still have tee-shirts from those Kinks concerts, along with their albums and now CD’s, plus a whole bunch of conjunctive memories where their songs are now, at times in part, the conjunction of my memories, i.e this blog with the theme in the theme.  So anyway, Thirty years of Rock ‘n Roll from 64 to 94, fifty years if you count up to 2014.  The Kinks did what they loved and that is what gave them their longevity.  So what does all this singing have to do with this months’ theme?  Well, if you listened to the song and more importantly read, or better yet, did sing along with the lyrics and then felt the spirit of the meaning, then you’ll have learned how to laugh, or, have found it is better to laugh along with that, and is what could be the best and in practicality, be the only and best answer I can think of, or could possibly give for this months theme, Tah-Dah, Paid In Full, or half of half of half … of half in full!

Beyond that, the whole money theme, this month, is about the aspects of Indie Game Creation in that, how can I build my rendition of a video game, to then have it give more of everything that that player could use to succeed while playing that video game.  To that end, the theme jumps back in and asks, how then can I find recompense and remuneration because of my efforts in building the satisfaction that is found therein, while playing that new game, that I have brought into existence.  As it goes, in nearly every conversation in concern to the building of video games, the same themes keep popping up to the forefront, with those ideas being, fun and immersion.  The game needs to quickly draw the player in, then continue to draw the player further into the story, moving the player through the game mechanics because the game play is simple enough to grasp, with the rewards readily accessible, ascertainable and pertinent to advancement in the game.  So the immersion is retained by receiving the rewards given through the players own competence.  This makes the game fun, and adds to the levels of challenge, which it needs to have, but challenge and fun are very subjective terms in that everyone perceives them differently.  So it is all up to the players own definition of what fun means to them in the arena of challenge, thus the competition, then back to the money, the investment, and of course, The Money Go Round.

Now that we are back to the money thing and because my goal is that I eventually build Indie Games for the XBox 360 and now possibly for the XBox One, I’d like to draw out what my path will be that I’ve chosen to reach this point which should bring me to a monetary influx.  With the XBox Live Indie Games membership, a developer, me, actually MyI, with a paid subscription, can submit up to 20 games per account with each game being up to 500 mega-bytes per game.  So that would be ten giga-bytes of storage dedicated to completed, peer-reviewed, indie games sold on the XBox Marketplace, to then be played on the XBox 360 and/or Xbox One game consoles.  The other half of that, or half of half of … half of that, is how are those games to be built.  And of those games built, with tools I already have, what other tools will fit in with, and compliment, my precursor tools so I can create games that will port back into the XBox platform, more easily.  And further, as yet, I’m still somewhat sketchy as to how Unity can be integrated within the use of their licenses to provide a clear port into the Microsoft XBox systems.  Then, are there other kinds of prerequisites that I will need to aspire to to get my games built within Unity to then be sent to the XBox Marketplace.

So, as for The Money Go Round, I think I’m still on the negative returns end of my production–possibility curve in that my capital assets are still being asserted.  And in doing so, the game production assembly line is constantly being perturbed with new, although appreciated, technologies, along with their varied utility, as is evident through the ramblings of my most recent blog posts, i.e. research of video game asset creation software.

As it stands, there continues to be many challenges that need to be confronted and mastered before I would believe to have any claim in outside thanks through contribution or of any monetarily invested interest from others to what I would be able to provide, as a game, at this point in time.  But like many things in life, money and payments go out more easily, even more-so as a noob, than they come in.  And right now, because I somehow cannot see myself building an entire game using only C# and XNA as my only tool set for the XBox, and because I have, myself, some longevity moving along in this Indie Game environment, I believe that I will need to invest in some more appropriate tools of the trade.  Just like a carpenter could build a house with a hand saw and a hammer, I could use just C# and XNA to build a game for the XBox.  I’m well versed in the use of both hammer and saw along with C# and XNA, but as I have mentioned before, power tools make the job easier, with the job moving faster to the finish while making the days work, in general, more pleasurable as a whole.

Having some idea of what tools I might need is just as important as what job I am going to attempt to accomplish with those tools.  During the hot summer, a carpenter would rather do the demolition work, breaking a sweat outside during the long hot day, with a pry bar and a nail puller.  A continued thought in supposition to the timing and tool use of this carpentry work is also true.  When in winter, outside it is cold, it is then better to work inside with the days being shorter, as the tools used for interior finish wood working, cabinetry, like a coping saw and a jack plane, have a more focused and consistent lighting which gives a far better choice of environment, tools and timing, then done so, seeing that it is cooler at that time of year, and to do so then as to not drip sweat on and to keep from marring the unstained, unlacquered, nonvarnished and nonpolished raw crafted wood.  It’s the same when building games out of assets in that some tools work better at doing certain things through certain processes, and so, are used to accomplish those tasks at certain times during the build process.  And that, is what I am trying to figure out right now.  How am I to go from start to finish.  What tools do I need to complete those tasks.  In what order should I try to complete those tasks.  How do I keep those processes of reiteration low so the rework is kept down to a bare minimum and the amount of waste becomes lessened with each iteration.  And then, to do all of this within a limited budget, while keeping track of what I have learned as an ROI and thereby finding my scale of remuneration and recompense for my time, service, effort and product provided.

There is also the propriety that goes along with the building process, ergo all of the EULA’s(End User License Agreements) that are to be read with each program, service and application used, along with the TOC’s(Terms of Service agreements) that are given as “heads up” FYI’s expressing the point that it isn’t just a big free-for-all, in many respects, but in many cases must be adhered to, with again, a reference to the wonderful involvement one becomes enfolded in, again and again, because of The Money Go Round.

So just as jumping into the pool doesn’t make me a swimmer and just being able to swim doesn’t make me an athlete and then being an athlete still will not grant me any rights to medals and awards, and in the end, just to top it off, all of that will not guarantee me any happiness while simultaneously providing me any gainfully employed semi-retirement funds, but that what I have found, is that if I am unwilling to jump into that proverbial pool, initially, it will most assuredly preclude me from any progression in whatever that trade may be.  If I choose to not pursue any track to satiate my needs, wants or desires, to lead me into my future, which also has a very high probability to include The Money Go Round, there remains also a high probability that I will never find any remuneration nor recompense, i.e. payment of kind or even of any “in kind” payment if that track is never pursued to any degree beyond the simple hobby status.

With that said, and knowing myself as one not to be at a loss where I am left behind to then be seen as unable to punch my way out of that proverbial “wet paper bag“, I will need to console myself, with broader ideals, that will provide me with this remuneration and recompense through a revised understanding.  In some instances, this thought can be reverted back into something called money.  But in this case, to stamp this revised inception further into my mindset and to come to some agreeable conclusion within my own current set of bounds of what I would feel is just compensation, I will need to realize just where I am at this point in time.  At the current time, right now, right here, I consider myself an “Indie Careerist“, and from there I will need to accept the idea of payment as one of where it is me paying me.  I had a boss, back when I was a roofer, who said he wasn’t having a good day, at work, unless he fired himself at least four times a day.  So looking at that, I tried to understand what type of compensation he felt he received from being his own boss, when he “himself” would be the one who would have to tell “himself”, “where to go”, because he didn’t feel he was being treated on the up and up, fairly, or on the level, by “himself”.  And then, what type of recourse did he find, to bring to “himself”, as something that he would need to resolve of “himself” to mollify those affairs, internally of “himself”, and further then, to continue on with his days work, and of course, on to his next inevitable firing of “himself”.  For him, “Walking off the job” would not be a viable option as bankruptcy has nothing to do with one paying oneself, but is a situation of oneself failing to pay others.  So this, now, is my conundrum, and is what I will be coming to grips with for the rest of this month, as this months theme, is money, or the way I like to look at it, The Money Go Round.

More to come.

So as a little distraction in the mean time and somewhat of a side show to all of this money theme seriousness, here is a video I made of a program that I wrote over the course of a few years while taking courses trying to finish off my Computer Major with a Business Minor at the University, UW-Milwaukee.


So how do YOU do Calculus?

Click to watch, Calc Fx.


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