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More on Money, the Theme of the Month.

Finally, getting something back, the worth of my labors, the fruits of my fields, the stock of my pens, the me of my ness.

Me of my ness?  Me-ness?  What is meness?  This meness, is a word in the blogosphere, like fruitfulness expresses the “state or quality” of being fruitful, so it would also go as the “state or quality” of the many aspects of myself that constituently make up my “me”, my meness.  Another concept on the same lines is known as “Thing-age-ness”, pronounced: thingedgeness.  Thingageness is the state or quality of some “thing” where, when it is whole and can be used at its full potential for its intended purpose without alteration, it is then said to have attained stability in, and retains its state or quality of that in which it is further referred to as having its own “thingageness”.  A things “thingageness” may also have varying degrees before this state fails.  As an example, a coffee mug with its handle broken off is still a coffee mug, but if it has a hole in it, it has lost its thingageness, it is no longer a cup to hold coffee, its state has failed, as it is now more of a sieve or a funnel.  The same can be said of a car, for instance, if every time I would like to go somewhere, I turn the ignition key only to find that to start the car I must get back out, crawl under the car and hit the starter motor with a large hammer or a lug wrench, to then hopefully have it start and to not have to do that again that trip, especially if it is raining or snowing out.  Here, the cars thingageness has been tarnished, yet it is retained, its thingageness has not been lost.  But, for example, if the car leaks power steering fluid and will no longer turn left nor right because the power steering reservoir perpetually runs dry, and as most destinations are not in a strait line from where one would begin the trip, the reasoning then goes that the car has now lost its thingageness.  The car is now entering a failed state and is finding it difficult to retain its “state or quality” for which it was acquired, i.e. a vehicle that will get me from point A to point B successfully, consecutively and hopefully safely.  In this case, instead of the car being able to turn back and forth to get to its goal, the car has instead been turned into a money trap, moving that car only closer to its demise, and hopefully not dragging me along with it.  And as a final recourse, used motor oil could then be recycled by pouring it into the ever emptying power steering reservoir at the beginning of each trip, but then, in doing so, it will quickly find resolve in being relinquished fully of its thingageness and be towed to the junkyard in hopes that there will be some repayment as scrap, true story, sad but true.

Well then, what did all of that last bit of rambling have to do with this months theme, money?  I think I hinted at that with vague gestures of meness and the blatant nuances explaining thingageness.  So to keep this odd train of thought going and to follow through by somehow putting meness and thingageness into the same sentence while bringing all of these thoughts together under this months theme, a thought like, “If I do not figure out, ‘How I Pay Me’, resulting in a failure of my meness, then my thingageness will have been corrupted to my loss.”  And where is all this thesis explanation going?  It is going to build for me a path to where the money is, a place where my meness incorporates my thingageness, a place where what I can do becomes a factor of what I am worth, a place where I can come to grips with the thought of ‘How I Pay Me’.

So far, this blog has been nearly all an amphigory, almost.  But the scary thing is, is that that it actually did make some sense to me.  But the theme is money and I believe, for the time being, my capacity to “collect” money, by me doing things as an “Indie Careerist”, will need to be set to a stance where I will be initially working to win.  This will not be me exacting a price that I will set, nor anything like a steady income of any kind but more of an intermittent windfall, hopefully just enough to keep my love alive as an Indie Game Designer and Creator.

And as I had mentioned before, power tools expedite the building process and aid the developer by improving the rates of Return of Investment and thereby granting a better chance of success with a timely completion, be it building a house or building a video game.  That success reaches back to that comment of working to win, whereby when using those tools, more skills are acquired and iteration times are decreased while production is increased.  The capacity to compete successfully is improved, with the end products becoming more polished and the with rewards becoming more frequent, to at some point in time, to become a steady income with the possibility of finding myself perpetually gainfully employed, and therefore enjoying the title of a self-employed Indie Careerist.  It is a simple formula, a time tested method of success, working to win.  But to win what?  From whom?  How and how often?  Then when?  Where, and of course lastly, why?

So with this months’ theme, where my results will not be known until a future date, I will set my sights on putting to use my recently acquired investments.  A competition has been brought to my attention that involves Substance Designer, Battle of the Titans.  Keeping in mind the ideal of “Working to Win”, Substance Designer has initiated a competition that involves building with “Materials“.  An invitation has been given to asset developers to build something according to their theme while using their product.  To help cover the model mesh the developer is requested to find “a clever use of the Substance tools”, see: Contest/Submission Rules.

This will be how I will initially find myself in this One Game A Month theme, money, learning how I pay me, while working to win in the “BATTLE OF THE TITANS”.

This all sounds like fun.

So here is my progress moving along:
My “Titan Concept“.


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