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Updates: – GeForce 337.88 Driver, Java V7 U4 (build 1.7.0_45-b18) to Java V7 U60 (build 1.7.0_60-b19).
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It’s still Money month.

But I do need to expand on my grand synopsis up to this point and refresh myself of what I have yet to do.  I have about a week and a half to put together some kind of game for OGAM and will be using something from YouTube, Unity Rapid Prototyping: Flight Sim Control, Terrain Basics, Chase Cam, Skybox.  I also have about six and a half weeks to finish off my Titan, but there may be a possible extension.  This is my plan, to do this and to do it right, as I move towards the end of this month and push forward with a better concept of what I need for a real monthly “game plan“.

So what is this “Biting off more than you can chew”, adage.  Well, for starters, like I had mentioned, I could continue to reinvent the wheel, or, I could invest in some power tools, which I have, which also means, “Biting off more than I can chew”.  I figure that I have been contributing to One Game A Month now since it began, which is nearly a year and a half now and brings me to around eighteen games.  Previously, I had been tinkering with the idea of building games for the XBox 360 using C# and the XNA frameworks.  In doing so, I have built some games on my PC to then have them ported over to the game console where I can play them using the game pad.  Since then, I have changed my venue because I have found that it was a much easier route to showcase my mini-game creations through my website.  In doing so, I have continued work on my website by building up facilities that afford to me a platform that is conducive to the display of my creations, my games, which I had begun building using Processing.js and am most recently coalescing within Unity, which are then played through the Unity Web Player.

But this “Biting off more than I can chew” idea is taking me into a new place and is, out of necessity, showing me the ropes.  I can begin my game using StoryBoard Pro and MS PowerPoint.  After the general idea has been given some thought and a short synoptic game plan, not quite a GDD (Game Design Document), has been formulated, I can begin to come up with the “What will I use to get this done” phase.  At this point I can form some basic concept art in SketchBook Pro to then build my game assets from those sketches in ZBrush and Maya LT.  Next is the texturing of those assets, in either ZBrush or through the assistance of programmatic asset texture painting within the Substance Designer Indie Pack set of tools.  As the game build continues, the game prototypes, documents and screenshots, from the creation pipeline process, are archived in MS Word after being preprocessed in Photoshop Extended.

After the visual aspects of the game have begun to take shape, the theme and mood music, voice overs(VO) with plot and character direction, special effect sound bites and background noises begin to be incorporated, but which have yet to make a cameo appearance in most of my mini-games thus far.  So sound would need to go under the next category of “Biting off even more than I can possibly chew right now”.

But for each game, each month, I am getting a better idea of what I can build and how I like to build.  I find out more about what I am capable of doing with the tools that I have invested in and what my investments of time and effort are producing for me.  I continue to learn, from what I have previously done, and as I remember more of “How to do …”,  I find those building blocks are now the prerequisites that allow me to continue to “Bite off more than I can chew”.

Next, once I have my game concept, my primitive art constructs, general color, mood and feel for the game level and storyline plot sequences, I can begin to import all of these concepts and files into Unity, my current game engine.  Here, in Unity, all of the static pieces are given a life of their own.  They become animated to bring fluidity to the games plot which is further manipulated through the players minds eye.  This becomes the logic phase of the games building process.  It is another big chunk of “Biting off more than I can chew” and brings into play, bookwork, reading and game theory concepts that necessitate a repeated steeping in, time and time again.  Learning the different game styles like, zero-sum games and a multitude of other win/lose scenarios in game theory are needed but they also need to be refreshed as successive overlays for each game that I conceptualize and build.  Each game is slightly different and will have a different flavor of play and outcome from the different logical structures entwining the game.

But, to top all of this off, the final phase of game creation, which has eluded me completely up to this point, is going to be some kind of cross between a PodCast, VideoLog(Vlog) and some kind of help file wiki, I think.  This will bring about another completely new phase of “Biting off more than I can chew”.  Although I am somewhat comfortable, now, with the idea of Blogging on WordPress, this next step of Vlogging about something somehow using YouTube, or across Skype or possibly incorporating a Wiki platform, although a daunting foreign concept, is becoming an intriguing idea.  So not only will I be “Biting off more than I can chew”, but it will be of something that I have no idea of how it will taste nor of how I will react because of ingesting this next concept and making it my own, a part of my articulation, another essence of me.  But like the many things I have done previously, I should be able to deal with it.  I have been in and out of 5 major work Unions, been employed at about 27 different companies and businesses and have participated in scholastic wrestling, football, gymnastics, karate and yoga.  So as for something new being exceedingly intimidating, although instilling the initial scary feeling, I think it might be “plain old fun” to just get out there and muck it up for a while, big deal, sounds good to me, just another little break in the action.

But, once again, it is next month and the One Game A Month background theme for the #1GAM site has changed to reflect the next months theme.  So as the theme of Money is now in the rear view mirror and has become more of a “How do I pay me” issue and not so much a “How do others pay me” issue, (that happens as you get older, remember, no rules), I will end this month off with a better understanding of all that it takes to grow as an Indie Game Creator because it does involve being able to truly adhere to the concept of “Biting off more than you can chew” and ends up as a whole lot of payment in kind to ones-self.

Again, this months game, Air-Wray Glider and my Titan Concept.


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