Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

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Updates: –  FireFox 36.0.1. , FireFox 36.0.4
DownLoads: – ZBrush 4R7, In-line FL Studio BETA3, Allegorithmic Bitmap2Material v.3 & Substance Designer 5.0.1 & Painter 1.3.2,  Unity v.5.

I almost had a blog post for this WordPress Series earlier this month, but it turned into a Gamasutra Blog instead, Life as an Indie Game Developer.  It is a synopsis of what I’ve gone through for the past couple of months after my old computer rig failed.  I learned a lot, so any Indie Game Builder might learn a thing or two from that blog post.

But now that I’m mostly back in action, I have been trying to figure out how to use my time effectively while pressing forward in my game building expedition with One Game A Month.  A major change with this new rig came from my acceptance of an offer from Unity where I am now using Unity 5 as my preferred game engine.  Unity 5 is now free, as the Unity Personal Edition, so this is where I will be consolidating my time, effort and game assets.  With the Unity 5 game engine I will be perpetuating my own form of continued education in the field of computer science through game building.  Previously, I had been working through a Computer Major and Business Minor in which I threw my extra time and effort, when I could, at the University.  Now, I’m on my own, still no degree, with only the actual education that I have taken away.  But to move forward with these new tools, technology and knowledge recently acquired as an Indie Game Developer, I must also build my own curriculum and chart my own progress.  The entrepreneurial drive to continue building is what keeps me going.  But to keep from spinning my wheels I need a plan, and this is where my website comes into play.

I have kept my FarNiche website as simple as possible.  It has three main places of focus, Home, Research and About.  The Index page is the Home page.  This is where I start off to begin going somewhere.  The Home page holds most of my links to the ancillary accounts I use.  The connected services are found via links to the internet.  These links are representative as the icons of the providers.  When I click on an icon I’m whisked off to where my participation is within their service.  Next, the Research section of my site is slightly different.  Research is split into two major divides.  The first half consists of a main page with a list of the programs, the tools that I use.  The second half is formatted in the same way but is a collection of knowledge based concerns.  This second Production Pipeline section holds links to what I need to know and become familiar with to use the tools from the first half.  The last section, the About page, is the final section of the three main divides.  This is mostly about me, what I like, where I come from, how I got here, what I’ve been up to.  It is my memento box, for the most part and holds my mission statement of what makes me, me.

A while back, when I first started my FarNiche website it was mainly derived by my previous works which became the focus used to center my About page.  I tried to figure out what my mission statement should be from what my ideas of game building were, and from there the About section solidified.  Then, because I had previously built games for the PC and XBox360 using C# and the XNA Game Studio, the direction of the Research page was formed around that platform.  But shortly after I began building my Research section to showcase my XNA game building venture, I started in with my participation with One Game A Month.  But I had no realistic way of getting any C# XNA XBox/PC game submitted to One Game A Month.  So my initial Research section quickly faded out of sight and out of mind.

Now I have finally gotten around to my Research section again and it also has taken on a new format. It has also taken on its new shape from all of the new and varied provider directions as I branched off from a strictly XBox C# XNA game building format.  Because I signed up with many services to keep in the loop with different activities of other “Indies”, I found other ways in which participants were building games, each geared towards their own way of expressing Game Development.  Everyone there at One Game A Month was building with what suited them best, any platform, any tools, whatever was capable of making and playing a game.  So although I had some work moving along for a while, from my XNA days, once I jumped in with One Game A Month, I found many other possibilities to gamify the computer technology as a game developer.

So I have been putting a lot of time into the Research section of my website and have completely rebuilt it.  It is back and continually evolving where it has become something of a scheduler, bookmarker, thought keeper and wish list of sorts.  It has become more like a menu of searches consolidated under various game development topics.  The Production Pipeline Research section has its focus where concepts find instruction in concern to the tools that are used.  To implement the tools and facilitate their use in the construction of those concepts, the ideas must become objectified and in turn become assets built from the tools where they then make up the game.  And that is what the Research is now all about.

Lately, its been mostly testing out the new rig along with its performance issues to see what it is capable of.  From there comes learning how the different programs’ exported assets fit from one part of the production chain into the next.  Finally the record keeping of all the progress and brainstorming that is done is fitted into this WordPress blog.  Also, now, through a newly created Game Dev Series on my +Farnicheé YouTube Channel I have a Vlog.  This newest creation, my video blog, chronicles an aspect of my most relevant progress as a Video Milestone. That’s it.


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