Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

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Updates: – Autodesk® Application Manager v5.0.142.0, uScript v1.02964 to 1.0.2969, Windows Shutdown Updates .
DownLoads: – Substance Designer 5.2.1, Final Draft 9.0.6 B179, .

Well, this isn’t going to be as easy as Plug N’ Play.  Just like back in residential carpentry, the idea is to build the old into the new.  The products from the Unity Asset Store are going to be a lesson in understanding of how all these differing parts work and play well with each other.  As I build my game using these differing assets, I have found that there are many more ways to do things.  Each as numerously varied ways to get those things accomplished while utilizing the many types of unit “systems” that bring specific tasks to fruition.

Right now, my main concern is to find cameras that perform in certain ways to provide the best coverage while being used as the “eyes” and perspective of my Avatar, as a player.  The camera is connected to my character through different means and is the vehicle that affords a new vantage point within the game.  As a builder, the options I have seen thus far can be summed up as three types.  The first is viewing the game from a third person perspective.  With my Avatar seen in its surroundings, at ground level, in an adventure style camera type, the game play moves along with the camera following the main character.  The second is from a detached overhead point of view, being a strategy game type camera.  The third is of a first person camera where I don’t see my own body in the game world, only what is in front of me, or possibly my hands holding a tool, manipulating a switch or wielding a weapon.  These are the three aspects that I am most concerned with now during this point in my game building process.  Only until recently have I found that a first person camera does very well for “dramatic” game play, but in general, I prefer the other two types, the third person follow and then the over the head strategy, as the mainstay camera types in my games.

Those are the camera points of view formats I’m trying to blend and incorporate, for now, but another camera type has been recently brought into play.  That is, the 2D UI camera used for showing the menu systems and the storyline text which guide the conversations and direction of the game.  There are also other ancillary cameras that have come up as more graphics are added to the game like health bars, inventory systems, quest markers and waypoints.

Too much is going on, code wise, right now to write further.

One last note:
I have finally started up my main game direction and have posted the Intro-Trailer of it on my Steam Profile,
FarNiché – “The Game” [000]

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