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Well, …
It seems to me that I have missed my October blog post.  And why might that be?

 I’ve been working on a Basic Environment Template (BET) and was overwrought with iterations, deletions, prefabs … the list goes on, so a bunch of superfluous reiterations that were more “mind fuzz” than scribable discernment.  So this BET(Basic Environment Template) has become what I would like to set down at the onset of nearly every build.  As I start another game solution I incorporate other Unity Asset Store assets into the current game build and have found that there is a propensity for things to break, like shaders and scripts, or for other things to not work quite right.  So again, why might that be?

 I have found over the years that people do what they do because they are not me.  If they were me, I would come to find that things have moved along at a pace to where I wouldn’t be where I am right now, more than likely, even less so but no further.  But, as that others have been building many things to work as they would have them, they now, at least, are built in a way that facilitates their own ease of use, connectivity and ease of understanding.  So what I’m getting at here is, while I try to not reinvent the wheel, and so use others assets to incorporate their way of proceeding into my game build, I find that they have learned things differently.  Each contributor has found that their own way of ascertaining workability in some aspect of game building has actually facilitated a slightly different workflow.  This does not necessarily introduce errors or erroneous ends, but does open up another aspect of game building that has to do with “dialing in” assorted assets so that they congeal within my game.  Surface normals may be flipped, the X,Y,Z, Up or Forward vectors may not align, the position, rotation or scale might be off somehow, the Camera might be expecting a specific culling type or there may be some other tweak that must be addressed.  And that’s just for starters.  So I felt that in building a Basic Environment Template first, if everything else is going to fall into place, simplistically later on, I should then have a stable base to place all these newly incorporated assets.  And that is where the BET (Basic Environment Template) comes in.

 Way back when, life was simple, the ground was down and the sky was up.  But now there are angles and slopes seen as hills and valleys, rivers and lakes.  There is the sky that changes from sunny to cloudy, dry to rain, day to night where lightning flashes and rain splashes.  Further on, there is now an underwater where it gets more murky, the line of sight is shortened, the sounds are muffled and although not yet implemented, an Avatar will need to swim, above and below water.  And in that environment, not breath in water lest one die.  So there is now a whole slew of intricacies that need to be dealt with before any real game play can be set into action.  Of course the Avatar must be built along with the environment, being able to run around the terrain in conjunction with the environment.  There is also a perpetual test with each run of the build to watch how movement around the environment is evaluated in live game play.  Doing so affords an increased immersion into what game experience is trying to be achieved.  And so I’m rebuilding my Map, my Terrain, my Environment.  This should give me a place to begin working on my next great adventure, Avatar Animation.

Until then,

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