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Updates: –  GeForce Game Driver V353.06 to V361.43, UltraSentry 15.00.15, Windows Shutdown Updates.
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The #1GAM theme this month is “QUEST-GIVER”.  Well, seeing that I missed a month it’s now “HOBBY”, which introduces another slew of newness added to the indie game dev mix.

Last months One Game A Month theme was “PROSE”, which had to do with the storyline aspect of game creation.  So I started a new project/scene for this next game drawing off ideas from FarNiché – “The Game” [000], my last try.  This new game quickly became another “fly by the seat of my pants” operation.  I knew what I could build, mostly.  But it still remained a tinker-toy project where my workflow was, “Well, if it fits, let it be and move on to the next thing”.    And as time ticked along, instead of building a game, it became a video milestone with no actual up and out the door gameplay.

Grasping at my previous potential while hammer throwing it forward, I built a new map of another island using World Creator exports in a Unity game terrain object. I ported a *.raw file over to Unity, covered with a material consisting of a *.png diffuse color and a *.tga normal map.  This process of building ground/terrain is an evolving step by step sequence.  But now, as long as I repeat the map creation process from time to time, the notes are just there for reference, and a little tweaking.

Once done, this brings me back to this months theme of Quest-Giver, a logical next step from last months theme, Prose.  But I needed inspiration.  So I went back to my Steam games and tried those out, Skyrim, Tomb Raider, Banished.  I even picked up a new game, Life is Feudal: Your Own.  It incorporates an MMO style for what I envision as a logical next direction.  That was helpful but it didn’t put any new fuel on the fire for this months theme, quest giver.

So, it was off to the internet, again.  Pointy-Clicky, what’s this, nah, hmmm, how about something like that, well, not quite and so it went.  Then I stumbled upon Twitch and started bombing around there for a bit, people playing games, some for fun, some for competition, lots of things, some interesting, some not so.

Then I ran into a channel, Misscliks, where they were playing live D&D with a game master, Koibu.  I’ve played D&D before under about four different Dungeon Masters / Game Masters and yes, it was D&D, old school.  I stopped in for a bit, checked it out and the creative juices started flowing.  They were using the old rules, with character sheets, dice rolls, maps and a lot of imagination, but no hand painted pewter miniatures.

Soon after that the GM, who had his own channel, Koibu, was doing something rather remarkable.  He was running his Twitch Channel for 144 hours, non-stop.  OK, I’m in.  I’ll need to check this out.  I had a somewhat clear idea of what he was up against as I have made it a little over 100 hours awake, but I had a 2 hour nap and a 1 hour nap in those 100 hours.  The only difference is that I was working full-time AND moving from my apartment to back home.  So it was work all night 3rd shift, them move all day, then get ready for work, then do it again the next day and on and on till I was moved out and moved back in, with the parents, back home.  That was a little over 4 24 hour days with 3 hours sleep, so not completely unheard of, as far as I could see, it was doable.  And Neal, Koibu, the Twitch Channel guy did it, a 144 hour continuous Live Twitch Channel Stream, Whoo-hoo!  Rather amazing.

From that point on I was intrigued and inspired and thought about what I had been doing up till now with #1GAM and how or if it might fit in with what @Misscliks and @Koib0 were doing.  I did an internet-like meet and greet, Twitch and Twitter style, with those involved in the shows to see if I might fit in.  All those there seemed to be on the up and up, so I tossed in my hat with some creative contributions.  The content was well met, I wasn’t shooed off, took that as a good sign and continued on.

Previously playing D&D, I was used to having at least the Player Characters as miniatures on a hex grid.  But I’ve also found that roll-playing D&D is a very freeform type of game style.  So as I thought, I concluded, building video games makes for D&D promotes a very static game mechanic.   And there it was, inspiration struck, short videos of after the fact gameplay might be the way.  But this was a different venue where nothing too fancy should detract from the fantasy or the imagination, but still it needs to portray the storyline, something that would convey the journey, the path of adventure, the trek of the Heroes.

And that’s where it stands.  From 3 years ago building XNA games in C# on my PC ported over to my Xbox 360 using Xbox Live Indie Games, to One Game A Month building 2D games playable from an http address and so back to 3D games with the Unity WebPlayer, and now with this idea of D&D story telling/animation, I’ve finally found another livable niche, with equal challenge.  And so it continues on with new friends and old ties, sounds good to me!

Happy New Year!

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Until then,

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