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Install and config GIT?

I’ve already had the pleasure of flashing in a new BIOS on one of my systems so, with all things considered, this shouldn’t be too difficult, right?  Emacs!  Oh-boy, oh-boy.  Hm.  If you have ever seen the movie “Fight Club” there is a strange part about finding your Power Animal.  Why, I don’t know, but I’ve seen the movie and my power animal is Eeyore, sometimes Woodstock, but for now Eeyore who could chew through thistles.  But to get me through this I really hope they have promoted command-line obfuscation through an Icon Project for the “Git” windows version.  And from the way it looks, I will be digging out my old Unix books, wee, at least I still have them, “Just Enough UNIX”.  Great, I guess that it was fun back then so why not now?  Ok, after reading through their “Bootcamp” and watching their videos it makes a little more sense.  Another video The Basics of Git and GitHub, their black screen editor which he uses reminded me of the way I would need to peek and poke around my directories, back in the day, at the University.  But my editor was Emacs, the background was a very light cream color and the language was C++ code, .h, .o, .c, .cpp, make, tar, etc. files that used to make my head spin.  It also reminds me of when we used Pine for email, again back in the day.  Then there is some talk about Vimdiff which seems like a mutation of WinDiff, a file versioner that would check two files for changes, and again back in the day when Visual SourceSafe  was in vogue.  Another thing in the video is the off line storage which reminded me of the Windows briefcase.  All in all it still looks like I’ll be using command lines, keywords and switches, so be it.

“Time Gash” – Cosmic Encounter.

github:training in two minutes, no, wait that’s Mountain Time, and hour and two minutes.  All done.  I just participated, more like attended, in a webinar with GitHub using GoToMeeting, with a call sign name change to FarNiche, of course.  But all too soon it was over. That was an incredible run-through of Git and GitHub.  For me, seeing that I haven’t even installed GitHub for Windows, it was a somewhat fast paced meeting.  During the meeting it showcased the transparent nature and unobtrusive file versioning used where initial offerings are imported from various OS’s.  Then, how those contributions are forked and cloned by others where those contributions are further aligned by those who participate by project/organization within a progressive timeline.  After that they started to lose me as they began to run about saying how this can happen when that goes on and when you do this sometimes it goes this way but in other cases goes that way.  Another foot race, but I followed the concepts well enough as they touched on the major points with the subjects they encompassed.  Having the capacity to serve many repositories all from differing environments, and further, actively promoting propositions where the suggestions that are least inclined to break the build, become the proposals which are considered and then upheld or rescinded by the main branch contributor.  But in all cases the train of thought is committed as a growth node chain whose additive commitments fall in and out of pertinence as contributions and offerings that have the potential to be built in or are relieved from the build but are, at any rate, seen through a progression.  The ultimate tipping point in this chain is seemingly where the volatility of each composition weighs in through a mix of normative and positive judgment calls and thereby confirmed by recollection of the commentation about the contributions where it is finalized through, what I could liken to the “Boolean prime ideal theorem“, or more commonly “House rules“.  Now, all I need to do is to see how well I am able to load up GitHub for Windows and get on with it.

Hookin’ up Git.

My full system backup was just before the Global Game Jam 2013.  So now, and after doing a full virus and spyware definitions update with a complete disk scan, I’ll tackle this.  From my account select Help, then Set Up Git, then Download Git for Windows, the digital signature on the .exe properties are consistent, so here we go.  Right click on GitHubSetup.exe and Run as administrator, show information about this publishers certificate, This certificate is OK.  Install Name: GitHub, Publisher: GitHub.Inc.  Click Install.  37.9 MB.  From:  And there it is, welcome.

Now what?

Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub is long but it further explains what he thinks should be going on and it complements his book “Pro Git“.

Can I have some sound now?

From within Processing?

Uhm, G’day – To be Continued . . .

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