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And still, the theme this month, which is actually for last month, is LOOPS.

A late submission courtesy of …, how the (!) does it work?  And so, back to the Unity Tutorials/Projects.  Their Space Shooter game is the base template that I was attempting to get the ideas and assets from.  From there I was then to add my take of HUD-On and turn that all into a mash-up in a Unity WebPlayer game for February with loops.  And of course this was not the case.  Flying in 3D space takes a little more work to figure out than flying in 2D space, that is, that Z-axis adds a whole new level of unaccounted for complexity.  So once again it is time to break out the ol’ mind-machete and enjoy my third screening of the Unity video series: the Space Shooter Project.

Math and molasses comes to mind where both move along with just about the same consistency.  So, instead of trying to figure out what might have worked and what was just a half baked guess, I have a new game called FastFlight.  This new game project has a fresh asset download, of Space Shooter, from the Unity AssetStore, as well, because there was a lot of ham-fisted knumbskullery going on, that I added and deleted, bent, folded, spindled and mutilated to say the least, inside of the script files with that first download game.  In the viewing, I have been whisked along to Chapter 4) Camera and lighting.  This is where the fun began before.  The type of projection that the camera uses in the tutorial is an orthographic top down view while my game is going to use the perspective view with a skybox background.

Hmm, icky sticky stuff, I have it kinda done in the other project but, I can only have one instance of this Unity API open at a time and therefore only one project open at a time.  Yeah, it’s all flip flop, grab a setting, open the other project, view an argument, back to the first project, check how things were there with how I would like them to be here, back and forth, sure, ok, got it.  Their little Unity Project Wizard should be of some help with all this, and it is, the load new project and reload times, for this small game, are fast enough.  But this is where the guess work begins and the faltering with the head scratching starts all over, again.  They are talking about a blank background but I need a skybox.  And instead of a flat picture used as the floor of the game, I need to import the 3D terrain from HUD-On.  OK, first the terrain, then the skybox, we’ll see how that works out.  And for the life of me I can’t remember how I got that terrain imported for my last game, ha!  Alright, in the API’s main menu under GameObject/CreateOther/Terrain is where it is, and that is it, back in the game.  That’s right, I had to convert that height map into a .raw format in Photoshop before I could do anything with it, now it’s just a matter of copying that terrain asset folder out of the last projects directory and into this new games directory, done.  Well, at least it will let me readjust the Length, Height and Width settings for the map with the argument text boxes after I’ve imported it.  And it’s a lot better than having to run all over trying to figure out the searches looking for which class was used to build the terrain and then to find and change it all inside my head first to get it to work later in actuality as the game build, oh no, but yes.  But now, off to get a quick set of screenshots to get all of the settings from the old project to transfer, as best I can, over to the new project.  And finally Assets/Import New Asset … to get the color map for the height map.  So far so good.  Now I need that skybox thing to happen.  But first a little coffee and to press on with more of that video tutorial.

I guess the good side of redoing this game build is the remembering part.  Not only the how but the why and where are proving to be more illusive as time moves away from that last build.  But I have it back, and slightly better than before.  Now to think up what the game is, as that of which I can actually do something as I get the old HUD-On into Unity.  As it stands, my ship starts at one end of the terrain.  There is a constant velocity to keep the ship moving forward so the only controls are the up-down and left-right movements.  A camera follows the ship across the 3D map and that is about it.  My game, it’s done, it’s great, on to bigger and better things.  Well better at least.  But it has no loops, so it is not done, yet.  I still have some time, a matter of hours, before this month expires, and who put so few days in February anyways.

The next thing that I’ll need is a loop for this ship to fly through.  Seeing that the Space Shooter project only has one other ship, the enemy ship, and an assortment of asteroids, three kinds, I’ll take a look at what ZBrush has to offer.  Opening it up I find that they have a loop, a Torus shaped “tool” as they like to put it and with that I’ll begin to try to do some prep work on it with Polypaint inside of ZBrush.  And after that refresher video I have a Loop that looks like a life saver, kinda like a Lifebuoy with a white ring ad red loops at ninety degree angles, it is exported into a folder and is waiting to be placed inside this FastFlight game.  Sounds easy, but this is where their step-by-step tutorials end and my take of this games evolution begins, where things tend to get real messy with that ham-fisted plop it down and see how it works, or doesn’t work, knumbskullery, again.

The weirdest thing about ZBrush is the way that saves are made, or what each different type of save consists of because of the 2D, 2.5D and 3D painting and/or modeling configurations that can be accomplished in the application, much weirdness.  I hope that what I have built can be accessible in Unity somehow because I closed the ZBrush 4R6 program and now have a folder with .bmp, .mtl, .obj, .zbr and ztl files in it.  And what I would like to do with these is to trade off the asteroids for the life saver loops, but for now my computer thinks its time for a security scan so I’ll just go away for a while, back in a bit.

Well that’s it, as done as done.  It has potential, and much room for more potential but it is another game that will once again become my template for the next few months.

Just fly the ship through the loops and score big, (100 points).  Get a bead on the loop with your laser blaster, (1 point for each hit).

Controls :

A-W-S-D keys and Up-Down-Left-Right arrows move the ship in those directions.

The tracer rounds are shot with the left mouse button.

The forward thrust is constant from the start to the end of the game.


Play Fast Flight Here.


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