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Hey Doc.

This next little bout of, “I will be using tumblr, because I just signed up for a tumblr account”, is what I’m working on right now.  Tumblr is a recently acquired asset by Yahoo! Inc.  There is also another, plug-in, add-on called Disqus, pronounced (dis·cuss • di-skus’) like a conversation, which is a distinct social interaction API that can be used in conjunction with tumblr as a blog comment hosting service.  Besides having to figure out how Disqus hooks into tumblr, I need to rework all of my links in my website because of the major reconstruction of the Research section.

Yes, relinking my website is time consuming but it should be well worth it.  Over the years it has become somewhat haphazardously connected, just to make deadlines and then to get it to work at all, per usual.  And so, this cleaning expedition turns into something like clearing out a bunch of old junk drawers full of knick-knacks, thing-a-ma-jiggies, doo-dads and whatch-a-ma-call-its.  If those html pages and the like are broken, not quite working, almost understood or a bunch of “I’ll get back to it later” stuff, it’s time to move on and leave all that residual detritus behind, or more appropriately and in actuality deleted.  The best reason to tidy up this old website is because holding onto the best of intentions has a funny way of becoming the bane of the next progressions accomplishments.  And this next accomplishment is reworking the Research section of my site so I can move through the next progression of programming for the XBox.

Thus far, I have been using the (C#, XNA, MSDN) programming style, where it is all done with an “in my bare hands” approach.  This next progression, although not geared directly at the XBox, will use more powerful tools to accomplish the same tasks more easily and with more consistency.  This process will use a standardized structure, My Program Pipeline, to define the who, how, what, why, where, when … aspects of game creation.  And so, the “how” part is to keep track of all these newly realized creation styles and progressions that have opened this section up to all this extra remembering.  This is the Research portion of my FarNiché site.  So up and running with a more simplistic structure of inputting will accomplish this, once again, through an easily updated interface.

Ok, that just about wraps up the refinishing and relinking of my website.  As I click around the site I still find some image files and 404 links that have not been linked back up, but as I find them they get fixed.  So in my site, the pages are back to where they were.  Outwardly they still look the same, but in my admin folder structure the site has a more clear layout.

Now its back to this months game that incorporates a Doctor.  He has been built as a low poly mesh in ZBrush, then raised to a high poly mesh to have his high density surface PolyPainted, also in ZBrush.  Seeing that this high poly count high resolution character is only used to get the texture output, the diffuse map, all I need to do is import the low res mesh and use the diffuse texture from the high res map to cover the low poly count character mesh in Maya LT.  The export from Maya LT as an .FBX file sent over to Unity is the preferred method of asset transfer, in this, my asset production pipeline.  As a side note, if the export is an .obj file, from Maya LT, it must be under 65,000 polygons, because that is the highest resolution permissible.  I have no problem with that because the files smaller size keeps the assets sent over into Unity small and manageable.

Well then, my website is now set to its best configuration yet.  Also, in my index page, on my Home Page, in the middle main section, when scrolled down to the bottom, is where I have placed my Disqus discussion service.  So instead of having Disqus hooked into my tumblr account I have placed my DISQUS-sions in the Home Page of my website.  As you could guess, this means I have figured out how to add the DISQUS code to my website so that it is embedded in the Home Page and allows it to function as the designers intended to, the facilities are up and running.  The topics covered are anything about indie video game design & video game development.  That is the scope and focus of My FarNiche DISQUS.  The depth of my discussions and the breath of my commentation and responses will be aligned with indie video games.  So storylines and their progressions, character build up, NPC usage and placement, asset creation programs, technical skills needed to use them or artistic abilities to draw with them, advanced planning with Game Design Document techniques or hindsight reworks and asset rebuilds, anything about indie game building and gameplay, successes and failures, it’s all good.  I figure the subject matter of design and development should be a large enough platform within the venue of indie video games.  These baseline ideas should provide for and allow enough leeway in the diverse discussions about the many and varied aspects needed to consolidate the build ideas that make up any indie game desired.  Now, the last important ingredient in any discussion for the “Instant party, just add people”.  But of course, any great party always starts as a party of one.


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