Building an XNA Game Studio XBox360 Indie Game.

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Now that I’m getting comfortable with my new computer rig, I’ll need to come up with a long playing game idea to consolidate all of my GameDev skills.  I think I have found a source to build off of from my old Microsoft XNA Game Studio days.  There is a game from the XBOX LIVE Indie Games education catalog that I had previously played around with called “Role-Playing Game“.  It is an Xbox 360 and Windows RPG Starter Kit, a full game, all the code and art assets, music, dialogue, menu creation for game state management, save/load functions and methods, character upgrades with up to five other NPC party members to help out in the adventure, so everything needed to understand what makes up a simple RPG.

That’s the starting idea, now how to get there.  XNA Game Studio is more of a code page validity and compiler API, Application Programming Interface.  So it’s not really a game engine, it’s a “you name it and so you define it”, solution builder geared towards game creation with C#.  Seeing that I’m now using Unity 5 to consolidate my game assets, I’ll need to figure out how they built it there using only C# code and just use huge leaps of faith to best guess my translations back to here in Unity.

This month has been somewhat thick with new stuff, so I’ve just been going over what is pertinent in Digital Tutors and Safari Online Books.  Also, while trying to keep up with my GameDev Series, I got into the groove and got a couple weeks ahead of myself.  That should open up more time to dig into this Role-Playing Game transfer from XNA to Unity.

Besides that, I’ve noticed that this must be the time of year that the software “upgrades” are coming out.  That’s not a bad thing, it just means that I’ll be spending a little more time installing new software and learning what’s new, on top of everything else.  That is all.


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